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Construction trucks

Transport solutions for building and construction operations

Combine the strength of technical specifications with the smartness of optimised services in order to secure uptime, boost productivity, and conquer the narrow margins that defines the industry of construction. Scania trucks and services offer smart and powerful solutions to increase your revenues.  

Explore trucks for building and construction industry

Mixer trucks

Finding the right balance between load carrying capacity and robustness is key. Great visibility from the driver position, large windows and low dashboard increase safety especially in urban areas. Effective planning and high utilisation of your vehicle is essential.

Tipper trucks

Driveability in off-road conditions, engine power and fuel consumption are essential features in tipper operation. (reliability and durability), after-sales support, and a good partnership with the local dealer are crucial factors to the typical tipper operator. Tippers are often optimised with regards to legal road weights.

Skip loader trucks

Its flexibility to handle confined spaces makes the skip loader the optimal partner for this task at the construction site. Great visibility from the driver position, large windows and low dashboard increase safety. The P-cab has excellent visibility from the driver position and low entrance make it easy to climb in and out.

Hooklift trucks

Optimised right the diversity of the hooklift will allow you to take on a broad scope of contracts and tasks, keeping a high occupancy all year round. Scania offers an outstanding visibility due to the optimised drivers position, lowered dashboard and maximised windshield and side windows.

Concrete pump trucks

The concrete pump is an important link in the casting process. Vehicle specification is very important to maximise payload and improve efficiency. The powertrain need to be suited to the length and height of the boom, as well as the speed and volume of the concrete flow.

Mobile crane trucks

The flexibility of our modular system enables us to fine-tune even the smallest details in order to create the perfect fit for e.g. adaptions for support legs, rear ends and factory-fitted electrical preparation with standard components brings efficiency and high utilisation access. 

Heavy haulage trucks

The Scania V8 engine range with up to 770 hp in combination with a  Scania Opticruise gearbox and automatic clutch that can handle GTWs up to 250 tonnes in standard mode, is the perfect choice for heavy haulage applications.

Flatbed trucks with crane

With its many abilities, a flatbed with crane vehicle is a valuable link in the construction chain. Easy to manoeuvre and with excellent loading capacity adaptable to various cargo, its flexibility gives it a great advantage.

Boost revenue in the building and construction industry


Regardless if you need to carry more, or drive longer in order to increase your revenue, we can help you succeed. Scania vehicles offer outstanding handling and stability, and can be tailored to increase your payload without compromising on performance.


The word uptime may sound simple – but a wide perspective covering both customised services, the vehicle and the driver are needed to achieve and maintain it. Because even though your entire life likely doesn’t depend on uptime – unlike the drivers in our documentary series “No Room For Downtime” – we’re confident your business does.


At Scania, we’re focused on your business. It’s all about improving productivity, increasing ease of access and reducing the time needed to perform the task at hand. Sharing the same goal – that your business should be as profitable as possible.

The tailored offer

With your industry being all but standard, the same should apply for your truck. That is why we always tailor solutions to fit the unique business of our customer, including both vehicle and services. 


Simplified, the tailored offer enabling us to define your needs and meet them, is based on five parameters: 


✓ choice of application

✓ industry

✓ business

✓ operation

✓ location


Naturally, working with demolition and excavation differs from laying a foundation, building a structure or finishing a project. That is why your place in the construction phase have an impact on the optimisation of your vehicle.


Defining how your trucks are used, and what your typical contract looks like help us understand your business and tailor a solution that will boost your productivity. 


Whether you are managing poor road conditions and manoeuvring close quarters in urban surroundings, your vehicle should be optimised to do it in the best possible way. 


With the distance to your closest workshop having an impact on your uptime, mapping out your operation radius in relation to it gives us valuable information on how we can meet your repair and maintenance needs.

Bodybuilder cooperation

At Scania, we keep a close relationship to the bodybuilder in order to tailor as precise and profitable vehicle solutions as possible. In addition all our chassis come prepared with pre-drilled mounting holes or pre-punched upper members, sub-frame brackets, rear end cut to fit, and body electrics and electrical cables, to mention just a few details.

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