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Warranty Terms & Conditions


Warranty Terms & Conditions


Scania (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Company No. 518606-D) (“Company” or “We”) undertakes to remedy any defect in its products resulting from faulty material or workmanship subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.


1.  Vehicle. In the event of any such defect being disclosed within a period of twelve (12) months after the date of delivery of the Vehicle to the first end-user, the Company shall at its own cost and absolute discretion repair or replace the defective part(s). For avoidance of doubt, this Warranty shall only apply to new Scania Vehicle(s) and NOT used Vehicle(s).


2.  Scania Genuine Parts. In the event of any such defect being disclosed within a period of twelve (12) months after the date of purchase of the part(s) or from the date when the part(s) is/are fitted to the Vehicle, whichever occurs first, the Company shall at its own cost and absolute discretion repair or replace the defective part(s), PROVIDED that the part(s) was originally fitted by an authorised Scania workshop.


3.  Exclusion on Normal Wear and Tear. The warranty shall not cover parts where we consider as normal wear and tear parts. For example:


a)   Brake linings/pads;


b)   Clutch drive plates;


c)   Drive belts


d)   Wiper blades;


e)   Tyres;


f)    Bulbs;


g)   Fluids and lubricants.


4.  Exclusion Based on Certain Situations. The warranty shall not cover any defect, damage, fault, impairment of performance of the Vehicle due certain situations below (whether directly or indirectly). For example:


a)   Road accidents;


b)   Accidental or natural causes;


c)  Unsuitable, careless or abnormal use or handling, overloading beyond the maximum gross laden weight specified by the Company;


d)  Inadequate or faulty servicing including but not limited to insufficient lubrication, dirt, neglect or any other circumstances of whatsoever nature which are beyond the Company’s control.


5.   Exclusion on Warranted Parts but Due to Normal Wear and Tear. In the event that there are part(s) where this warranty may seek to cover but such part(s) is/are/maybe defective, damaged or impaired due to normal wear and tear based on our sole and absolute determination, this warranty shall not be applicable to such part(s).


6.  Non-Genuine Parts. The Company will not assume any responsibility nor shall this warranty applies to any defect or damage which may be connected to (whether directly or indirectly) or as a result of using or fitting non-genuine Scania part(s) (i.e. part(s) other than the Company’s genuine parts) to the Vehicle, or when the part(s) being modified or seals or other settings made by the Company or its suppliers is/are being broken/defaced.


7.  Third Party Supplier. The warranty shall not apply to parts or components designed and manufactured by any third party supplier(s), dealer(s) or distributor(s) to/of the Company. For example: tyres.


8.    Conditions. The Company’s warranty will only apply provided that:


a)  The Company or its authorised workshop has been notified immediately upon the occurrence of any defect/damage.


b)  The Vehicle/product is brought without delay at the purchaser’s own risk and expense to a workshop authorised by the Company.


c) The Vehicle/product has been subject to proper use, care, service and maintenance in accordance with the Company’s instructions or directions.


d)  The defective part(s) is kept at the Company’s disposal for inspection.


e)  The Vehicle/product is maintained and repaired at the Company’s authorized service centre/network/workshop only throughout the warranty period stated herein.


9.  Variation. The Company shall have the absolute discretion to vary, amend and/or modify any of the provisions stated herein (including but not limited to the examples stated above) as and when applicable and appropriate without having to inform the purchaser.


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