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Welcome to the NEW Scania Ecolution's 'A Good Company' Competition 2024! Join us in our mission to reduce carbon emissions and vie for the coveted title of the best company. Run your trucks or buses with the most significant CO2 reductions and make a positive impact on the environment while claiming your place as an industry leader.


  1. Run your fleet of Scania Ecolution vehicles throughout the competition period - 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024. These vehicles must display Scania Ecolution stickers and are part of the partnership.
  2. Ensure a safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly drive throughout the duration.



  1. Your fleet must result in the best total average percentage of km/l improvement throughout the duration.
  2. Using Scania Fleet Management System, the result will be compared to previous year's to identify the best improvement.
  3. The prizes are:


- Services voucher worth MYR5,000.00



- Services voucher worth MYR3,000.00



- Services voucher worth MYR1,000.00


  1. Participating companies must be a Scania Ecolution partner from the start of the competition. Only specific Scania Ecolution vehicles registered in the partnership from the start of the competition are qualified to take part. Only drivers driving Scania Ecolution vehicles and verified by participating companies throughout the year are qualified to take part.
  2. All participating drivers in the company must be at least 21 years of age, possess valid driving licences for the specific Scania Ecolution vehicles, no drugs or alcohol dependency, must not possess currently suspended or revoked licenses, have never been sentenced or fined more than twice for driving infractions, unless pardoned not less than six months ago.
  3. All participating drivers in the company must respect and follow the rules of safe driving for the duration of the competition.
  4. All participating drivers in the company must comply to integrity of the rules and regulations of Scania Malaysia.
  5. All judges’ decisions are final and may not be challenged by the contestants. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash. Scania Malaysia reserves the right to change prizes without prior notice.
  6. All winning companies will be called on to participate in a join news release to the public with Scania Malaysia, as well as various publications.
  7. All winning companies must consent to the use of their names and licenses in Scania Malaysia press release and activities for sales and marketing purposes.
  8. All winning companies must not refer to the products and services of Scania in derogatory fashion, or act in such a way as to discredit Scania and damage its image.
  9. Scania Malaysia reserves the right to change any part of the competitions without prior notice.
  10. Proof of emailing and mailing is not proof of receiving.