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Butterworth, Penang – SuperNice Express (SuperNice) the brand name for Express Seni Budaya (M) Sdn Bhd (Express Seni Budaya), became the first express bus service in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia to sign up for Scania Ecolution. This move is part of the company’s commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint and help care for the environment.


The official signing of the Scania Ecolution agreement was sealed between Daniel Tan Soo Liang (Daniel Tan), Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia and Roy Chew Kok Yong (Roy Chew), Managing Director of Express Seni Budaya. The signing ceremony was held at the Bread History Sdn Bhd (Bread History) bakery and restaurant at the Juru Caltex R&R where the keys to another Scania K360IB4x2NB bus was also handed over to SuperNice to add on to their 35-strong fleet of buses.


Bread History in collaboration with SuperNice serves as the first waiting lounge and pick-up point complete with F&B and washroom facilities for SuperNice passengers. There are plans to open-up more of these services in the other Bread History outlets all over the north.


Scania Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between Scania and customers that focuses on reducing fuel consumption resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. The partnership also focuses on reducing operating cost, translating to improved profitability while fulfilling the growing demand for environmentally-friendly initiatives.


“When Scania Ecolution was introduced to me, I saw an opportunity to do something good for the community. Apart from giving my passengers the luxurious comfort from the superior air-suspension and the safety that comes with the Electronic Braking System Scania buses are well known for, I am very happy that Scania is taking the right direction and initiative to ensure a cleaner and greener future for the environment for all of us,” said Roy Chew.


“That is why I signed all 14 of my Scania buses on the Scania Fleet management System (FMS) and will be subscribing to the Scania Driver Services soon. With the Scania training and coaching, my drivers will get the necessary guidance to enhance their driving skills further and adopt a more positive attitude towards the Scania buses in their care,” added Roy Chew.


Just like all the Scania buses that joined SuperNice’s fleet since 2015, the Scania K360IB4x2NB that is financed by Scania Credit (M) Sdn Bhd comes with Opticruise gearbox, air suspension, front and back Electronic Braking System, retarder and a 3-fire alarm sensor. All these features are to ensure that the passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe ride on SuperNice buses.


“As a provider of sustainable transport solutions, we are pleased that SuperNice is on board for Scania Ecolution as this move will start SuperNice on a journey towards better profitability through lower fuel consumption while reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions into the environment,” stated Daniel Tan.


Established in 1985, SuperNice is a subsidiary of Unimax Group of Companies (Unimax) that is a leading utilities and infrastructure group with diversified businesses under four divisions, namely Commercial Fuels and Lubricants; Transportation and Logistics; Energy, and Building Materials. Apart from SuperNice Express, Roy Chew also helms Unimax as Group Chairman with Joshua Tan as the Group Managing Director and Dato Seri Amran Romli as the Director in-charge of corporate & government affair and business development.

Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni Budaya highlighted that he saw opportunity to do something good for community when Scania Ecolution was first introduced to him.

Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia (left) handed over to Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni Budaya (right) a new Scania coach. That makes up the total of 14 coaches in their fleet that signed up for Scania Ecolution.

Seen here Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni Budaya (left) and Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia (right) revealing the Ecolution sticker on the K360IB4x2NB coach delivered today. Passengers can rest assure that when they ride with SuperNice, it aims to help the environment.

Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni budaya (right) is confident and pleased with the after sales services provided by Scania. The safety system installed in all Scania coaches would give their passengers peace of mind during their travels. Seen here Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia (back left) and Joshua Tan, Managing Director of Unimax Group of Companies (back right) in the semi-high deck Scania coach.

Seen here, SuperNice coach drivers posing in the Scania K360IB4x2NB driver area. With Scania Ecolution, all SuperNice drivers who drives Scania coaches will be part of the initiative to reduce CO2 emissions.

Seen here are SuperNice passengers queueing at the Bread History pick-up point to board the coach. As the first in northern region to sign up for Scania Ecolution, SuperNice has always envisioned to do more for their passengers and the environment.

The Scania Ecolution signing and coach handover ceremony was held at Bread History bakery and restaurant which Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni budaya launched recently. Bread History also serves as a waiting-lounge and pick-up point for SuperNice passengers.


Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia explaining how Scania Ecolution partnership with SuperNice Express can help achieve better profitability and sustainability goals through lowering fuel consumption while reducing CO2 emissions.

Seen here, Roy Chew, Managing Director of Express Seni budaya (right) and Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia (left) are signing Scania Ecolution. This marks the beginning of sustainable transport solutions for SuperNice.