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Bukit Jelutong, November 11, 2017 -  Scania Malaysia hosted the Asian Trucker Drivers Club today for a session on safe driving techniques, in line with its intention of leading the shift towards enhancing lives through sustainable transport solutions.


The Asian Trucker Drivers Club is an initiative by Asian Trucker which serves as a platform to help elevate the drivers' profession and image by providing suitable training, skills improvement and personal development seminars and workshops.


The half-day session was an opportunity for the drivers to experience Scania’s Driver Training which teaches driving techniques and skills that will help them to be safe during their long arduous journey along the highways. Training such as today’s session served as a reminder for the drivers to continuously practice good driving habits to not only keep them and other road users safe, but to also reduce wear and tear, stress and fuel consumption of the trucks. 


Although the focus was on helping the drivers to upgrade their techniques, it was also an opportunity for the drivers to catch up with their peers over a good meal and have some fun playing with the Scania driving simulators before heading off to up and down the highways again.


“Truck drivers are the single most important asset for any operator in the logistics industry. They contribute to the highest standards of safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly driving.  So it was good to catch-up with them and also to help them continuously improve their driving skills,” said Ian Tan, Business Development Director of Scania Southeast Asia.


Scania will continue to take lead in driving the shift in the industry towards a more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly, safe and smarter transportation system.  The key approaches towards these goals were discussed with the drivers.


“It was also a good opportunity to share with them our vision of a sustainable future. We showed them the prospects of semi-autonomous platooning truck technology which can help increase safety, efficiency and productivity.  We hope to inspire everyone about the future of transportation that is already changing,” added Ian.

Participants at the recent Asian Trucker Drivers Club Workshop Collaboration with Scania at the end of the informative and educational session with their trainers.

Participants being shown the correct seating and safety procedures before beginning a journey.

Participants were shown the key areas of the engine to understand how everything works together for a safer journey.

Participants were briefed on several areas that contribute to safe driving and part of the workshop, including sustainability and proper diet.