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Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, 4 April – The Scania Driver Competitions 2014/2015 (SDC) has already successfully registered almost 1,000 entries from Malaysia and Singapore, with many more expected before the closing date at the end of July.


While striving to raise the level of professionalism in the industry, the competition is also a challenging test of the physical and mental skills that drivers must possess to carry out their jobs every day, whether it is transporting valuable cargo or people.


As the drivers are the single most important asset for Scania customers, Scania Credit Malaysia – an Official Partner of SDC 2014/2015 – also believes that drivers must always maintain their health and stay alert on the road so that they are able to face any situation and make quick decisions to ensure the safety of their cargo and vehicle, as well as those around them. 


“Scania Credit financial solution and insurance helps to take the business of our customers further by acquiring the vehicles, but those investments are only optimised if they are operated by healthy and conscientious drivers who take good care of their vehicles by driving safely and avoiding unnecessary risks,” said Manager for Scania Credit Malaysia, Milan Yang.


One way for drivers to stay healthy, reduce fatigue and remain alert while on the road is to eat regular, proper and balanced meals that include carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins, as well as plan regular breaks and rest when necessary.


“Scania customers who opt for insurance from Scania Credit get the best out of the total solutions packages and are protected against unexpected incidences. But choosing to drive safely should be priority; like driving within speed limits, using signaling indicators, courtesy towards other road-users, and other easy to-follow road etiquette. Choosing to break speed limits, however, only results in minimal time-saving, but the risks are high and increases the chances of accidents,” added Yang. 


“The objectives of the SDC 2014/2015 was not only created to find the top drivers but to educate them into making the right choices for themselves which would without a doubt benefits the transportation industry in Malaysia.”