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12th to 14th of May, 2014 – A delegation from Kuala Lumpur City Council headed by Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib went to Stockholm searching for new technologies, products and solutions within accessibility as well as sustainable development of the society.


Delegates commuted around the city of Stockholm on a Scania KUA 6X2/2 Artic 18m bendy bus. They got to experience the safety, comfort, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly ride; giving them new ideas for urban transport planning back home.

As Scania was part of the two successful events within Accessibility which Business Sweden and Embassy of Sweden arranged in 2012 and 2013, we continue to support this follow-up programme in 2014.  A joint business delegation from the city council, related ministries, and government agencies visited Stockholm and Scania at Sodertalje. The goal is to showcase the solutions and active companies within each area and how Swedish government as well as city councils actively has been working with regulations, implementation and enforcement.  As the cornerstone in Sweden´s success are all the Swedish companies who supply and produce solutions for the accessibility market, the programme focused on Scania amongst others.


Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur as the capital have extensive goals for accessibility and barrier-free environments inside and outside all buildings, workplaces, residential and public areas as well as public transport and information that shall be implemented by year 2020. Scania, together with Business Sweden hope that we have continued to share new ideas and innovation with Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur in order to improve the quality of life of Malaysians.

The wide-eyed delegation at the Stadshuset or Stockholm City Hall.

The Scania KUA 6X2/2 Artic 18m bendy bus that ferried the delegation around Stockholm.