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2 November 2018, Friday - Leading provider of sustainable transport systems, Scania Malaysia recently established its “Master Sustainability by Scania” Fund to motivate and assist local primary schools to start up curricular and extra-curricular activities or projects that focus on sustainability.


The Fund’s first beneficiary – Sekolah Kebangsaan Perdana Jaya SS19 – today launched its urban farming and environmental awareness project, which features a self-sustaining herb and fruit plantation that uses compost and hydroponics.


The endowment from the “Master Sustainability by Scania” Fund will be utilised for purchasing seeds, eco-friendly fertilisers as well as materials such as a compost maker and a hydroponics system.


The school will also purchase items to facilitate its environmental project that includes putting up recycling bins and signboards around the school, as well as activities such as a mural.


“We were impressed with Sekolah Kebangsaan Perdana Jaya SS19’s urban farming proposal and how it exemplifies Scania’s goal of mastering sustainability. So we are very excited to fund such a like-minded initiative,” said Scania Southeast Asia’s Managing Director Marie Sjödin Enström.


“For Scania, it is about doing the right things and doing things right. We are aware of how climate change can greatly impact our future generations, which is why we made the decision to nurture the young to become sustainability leaders and help save Mother Earth,” added Marie.


The school’s headmistress, Puan Norzila binti Ishak said she is delighted that Scania likes their green idea and will be funding the start-up of what they hope to be a self-sustainable project after a few months, which will be sustained by the income generated from sales of their urban farming produce.


“We hope that this initiative will give our students a better understanding of urban farming – from how food is grown, treated (before and after) and harvested – and learn how to adopt environmental-friendly planting methods using household waste, organic refuse and water-based solution. We are certain that it will be an educational process for them to care for what they have planted, watch them grow and sell them,” added Puan Norzila.


The “Master Sustainability By Scania” Fund by Scania Malaysia is itself sustained by a portion of the company’s vehicle sales revenue. Schools are invited to submit their sustainability project and / or activity ideas by emailing Scania Malaysia at

Master Sustainability by Scania, a fund to help start-up extra or curricular activities such as sustainable urban farming by SK Perdana Jaya SS19 that cultivates sustainability thinking and acting amongst primary school children.

Scania representatives, pupils and teachers of SK Perdana Jaya SS19, parents and media planting the first trees that will soon be harvested for further investment into the school.

Brushstrokes by the pupils of SK Perdana Jaya SS19 accompanied by the teachers, parents and Scania representatives, each playing a vital role in increasing awareness about sustainability for both the current and future generation of pupils.

Hydroponics systems used by SK Perdana Jaya SS19 as part of their urban farming initiative supported by Scania.

Headmistress of Sekolah Kebangsaan Perdana Jaya SS19, Pn Norzila binti Ishak welcoming everyone to the launch of the school’s green initiative, Sustainable Urban Farming and Environmental Awareness Programme on the 2nd of November 2018.

Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström saying a few words on the importance of pupils cultivating a sustainability- related mindset that will propel them in becoming tomorrow’s sustainability leaders.

From left to right: Representative from the district education office, Headmistress of Sekolah Kebangsaan Perdana Jaya SS19, Pn Norzila binti Ishak, representative from the district education office, Business Development Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Ian Tan, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström, Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, Mr Dag Anders Juhlin-Dannfelt and representative of Parents Teachers Association launching the school’s Sustainable Urban Farming and Environmental Awareness Programme.