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Shah Alam, 7 December 2016 – Being the first company in Malaysia to buy the new Scania Marcopolo premium coach has led Siang Malam Travel & Express Sdn Bhd to discover that it is the perfect solution to staying ahead, which is why it has decided to invest in another two units for its premium tour services and private charters.


“We were confident enough to be the first to buy the Scania Marcopolo coach when it was first launched to give it a try but we soon made the decision to invest in two more in order to stay ahead of the competition because this is a game changer,” said Siang Malam Managing Director Mr. Kee Kim Yong.


“In terms of passenger comfort and operational economy, we found that the Scania Marcopolo is the ideal vehicle for us to have in our fleet because we have had really good feedback from the passengers about comfort and feeling confident about being safer, as well as excellent fuel economy,” added Kee.


“We’re excited to continue to deliver more Scania Marcopolo’s to Siang Malam and financed by Scania Credit,” said Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia. “Our customers have been looking for a complete solution when it comes to their transportation needs. This premium coach comes with high and consistent exterior and interior built quality, together with a reliable, safe and comfortable performance for passengers.”


Customers can order, service and maintain a Scania Marcopolo from the same single source – that is Scania Malaysia. Everything about this coach is designed to make ordering, owning and running it as productive and profitable as possible. It has a shorter lead-time and maximum uptime due to faster and comprehensive service turnaround.


It also offers operators a complete solution with minimum lead-time for delivery as the sleek, high quality body is pre-assembled and provides maximum uptime for operations with faster service turnaround.


The monocoque design results in higher body strength and more luggage space with the lighter, streamlined designed body resulting in lower fuel consumption and a higher payload. 


Unparalleled comfort for both passengers and drivers


The Scania Marcopolo is a first class luxury coach, with highest-quality exterior and interior fittings, low noise levels and full air-suspension. These features combine to deliver a safe and comfortable journey for passengers.


For drivers, the Scania Marcopolo has an adjustable steering wheel and hanging pedals, which provide better ergonomics and comfort for a car-like feel.  A powerful engine with higher torque at lower revs gives better driveability and fuel economy. Whilst best in class gear-change of the Scania Opticruise reduces clutch wear and reduces synchromesh wear.


The Scania coach chassis comes with 2 years free Scania Assistance, 2 years free Scania Maintenance and 10 years free Scania Fleet Management.


Best control for the best profitability


Scania Fleet Management system is a set of services that connects the vehicles with customers’ office through a communicator device. Scania customers will get vehicle data, fleet position and reviews of driving performance. By just focusing on these details Scania customers can make informed decisions and take the necessary actions in increasing the productivity of their fleet.


Scania Fleet Management saves money for customers – customers can make decisions that cut fuel consumption, identify vehicles that are being driven in a suboptimal way and also supports service planning in order to reduce unplanned downtime. Vehicle and driver performance can save up to 10% (or even more) in fuel consumption if Scania Fleet Management is used together with Scania Driver Training and Coaching services.


Sustainable transport solutions


“We believe that the true value is in the attention to details of a Scania Marcopolo complete coach and the wide range of services supporting it. All of these for the passengers’ safety and comfort; and with our customers’ best profitability in mind,” said Enström.

Mr. Tan Kim Siang, Director of Siang Malam Travel & Express with Ms. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia during the handover of the Scania Marcopolo premium coaches

Ms Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia showing the features and premium comfort of the Scania Marcopolo bus to Mr. Tan Kim Siang, Director of Siang Malam & Travel Express.

Ms. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia showing Mr. Tan Kim Siang, Director of Siang Malam Travel & Express the safety and comfort features of the Scania Marcopolo complete coach.