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Scania Transport Conference 2011

Capture the CO2 saving potential – Sustainable road transport for economic and environmental gain

The 5th Scania Transport Conference will discuss what needs to be done from a regulatory and industry standpoint to realise the CO2 saving potential in road transport.

The debate will focus on leveraging the opportunities of already existing technologies and solutions. Developing new technology is essential but we need to act now, not wait for future solutions that could take years to mature. Fortunately there are solutions in the market today that do not only meet high demands on economic and environmental efficiency but also gives room for long term growth of transport demand.

Scania sees a potential to halve CO2 emissions from road transport between the year 2000 and 2020. Key contributors to reducing CO2 and making road transport more efficient are better logistics, including revised regulations, a continued strong focus on support for drivers and efficient driving habits, continuous progress in vehi-cle technology and the use of sustainable biofuels.

To realise the potential we must work together - manufacturers, transporters, transport buyers and regulators.

Join us in the debate (register here)!