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Our tailored product offering, on-site services and real-time data collection and monitoring work together to improve your total operating economy.

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  • the buffalo

    haul ore not steel

    the buffalo

    The Scania Heavy Tipper engineered to suit the West African mining operations is highly adaptable with great driveability and visibility. It's a well-balanced all round premium cab manufactured to perfection, to suite your business specific needs.


    The Buffalo range of Scania trucks brings a distinctive combination of comfort and elegance inside and out. Offering robust options as well as a spacious cab, making it a truly efficient machine for your mine operations.


    “The overall driving comfort of this new truck is fantastic. I was always happy with the comfort of Scania trucks, but this one is outstanding, it drives beautifully straight."

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    With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, you can tailor your truck to fit your trucking life. Make it a Scania.