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Our tailored product offering, on-site services and real-time data collection and monitoring work together to improve your total operating economy.

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  • Crewcab specifications

    Fit for purpose

    Smart power

    Scania is taking major steps in providing customer-adapted trucks for even better total operating economy. The Scania CrewCab can be ordered with 7-litre, 9-litre, 13-litre or Super 13-litre engine, and it is possible to combine it with a range of gearboxes, including Scania Opticruise or automatic transmissions.


    This generation of Scania CrewCab builds on the heritage from the former CrewCab but is even more fit for its purpose - with easy access to the crew area, improved comfort and flexible seating options.

    Fuelled by evolution

    Scania engines are known for their fuel efficiency. The groundbreaking Scania Super 13-litre engine takes that reputation to new heights. With improved engine performance and leading emissions control through the Scania Twin-SCR system, the Scania Super 13-litre engine sets a new industry standard for brake thermal efficiency. This contributes to unrivalled powertrain fuel savings of 8%.


    The leading Scania Twin-SCR system, with dual AdBlue dosing, ensures a continuously higher reduction of exhaust emissions across a wide range of operations and is ready to meet even the toughest emissions regulations – both today and tomorrow.


    Dual overhead camshafts are introduced to enhance gas exchange and deliver unrivalled performance. Together with significant improvements to combustion performance, lubrication and cooling, and turbocharger efficiency, the Scania Super 13-litre sets groundbreaking new levels of brake thermal efficiency.


    Through an optional compression release brake system, the Scania Super 13-litre engine introduces high-performance, auxiliary engine braking capacity up to 350 kW – ensuring a smoother and safer drive across challenging terrain.

    Find your power

    Scania delivers a wide range of engines which are compatible with alternative fuels, so you can find your perfect operational power to get the job done. This includes the new Scania Super 13-litre engine which contributes to groundbreaking powertrain fuel savings of 8%.

    Output Torque Fuel Emission technology Engine PTO
    460 Hp 2250 Nm Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel Without SCR 600 Nm
    410 Hp 2050 Nm Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel Without SCR
    600 Nm
    360 Hp 1800 Nm Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel Without SCR
    600 Nm

    Output Torque Fuel Emission technology Engine PTO
    310 Hp 1550 Nm Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel Without SCR
    600 Nm
    250 Hp 1250 Nm Diesel/HVO/Biodiesel Without SCR
    600 Nm

    Gearbox alternatives

    Our comprehensive gearbox range can be adapted to all types of transport operations to deliver the full range of power across your Scania powertrain. Offering improved driveability, Scania’s gearboxes can be fitted with the high-performance Scania Retarder. 


    The Scania Opticruise G25 and G33 set the highest industry standard for gearbox performance. Together with improved overall robustness, the Scania Opticruise remains the leading choice for sustainable, fuel-efficient transport operations.


    The virtue of this gearbox lies in its simplicity. Rugged and compact, there are no crawler ratios and the smooth, positive action makes gearchanging easy. Options include Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.


    This gearbox offers similar advantages, together with an extra crawler ratio. Based on a 4-speed box, plus a planetary section, its strength is more than a match for the high-torque output of any Scania inline engine. Options include Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.


    This gearbox is built to tackle the most challenging terrain, making it the perfect choice for demanding long-haulage. Its closely stepped ratios combine light weight with ease of driving with exceptional operating economy.


    For applications that demand extra low-speed pulling power, this gearbox has two extra crawler ratios. Designed for optimised economy, it has proved highly successful for both long-distance and regional distribution, as well as heavy construction applications. The overdrive versions offer higher torque capacity, plus overdrive for low and economic cruising revs. Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder, as well as a selection of power take-offs, are available for all range-splitter gearboxes.

    Scania’s Opticruise gearbox platform, available in two performance steps G25 and G33, delivers improved and speedy gearshifting in combination with excellent comfort and fuel savings of one percent.


    The Opticruise’s fully automated clutch control, which allows for precision manoeuvring and smoother gear performance, is complemented by a wider, more efficient 14-gear spread, and new technologies such as variable oil volume and oil spray function to improve gear lubrication and reduce internal losses.


    The platform also introduces a new compact, geometric design, as well as low weight cast aluminium housing, resulting in significantly lower sound levels and a reduced component weight of up to 75 kilograms. Additionally, the Opticruise delivers increased uptime and fewer maintenance stops through an extended oil change interval. All this to ensure that your total operating economy is optimised.

    The new Scania Opticruise gearbox G33 is available for all V8 engines up to 660 hp as well as the high-out­put 13-litre 500 and 540 hp engines.

    Rear axle gears

    Scania’s rear axle range offers a robust and weight optimised design with a wide variety of gears and ratios, so you can find the optimal solution for your operation. All gears are offered with differential locks.

    Single driven hub reduction

    The single driven hub reduction axles are offered for the operations where startability, ground clearance and high gross train weights are favourable. They manage gross vehicle and train weights up to 80 tonnes with gear ratios from 3.80 up to 7.18.

    Single driven single reduction

    Our gears for single reduction have low complexity and high efficiency and can master gross vehicle and train weights up to 78 tonnes with a wide range of gear ratios from 1.95 up to 5.57.


    Tandem driven single reduction is offered for operations where you require traction together with optimal fuel efficiency. The RB662 + R660 tandem gear masters gross vehicle and train weights up to 80 tonnes with gear ratios from 2.92 up to 4.88.

    Tandem driven single hub reduction

    Our broad tandem driven hub reduction axles are robust and durable and offers great startability and ground clearance. It masters extremely high gross vehicles and train weights to up to 210 tonnes with gear ratios from 3.52 up to 7.63.

    Improved up-shift performance

    The lay shaft break improves up-shift performance by cutting the time required to change gear. The lay shaft breaks up-shift performance independent of the engine.

    Reduced engagement time

    A lay shaft break reduces PTO and reverse/crawler engagement time and boosts engagement comfort/robustness. 

    Responsive engine

    One big benefit with the lay shaft break is that it makes it possible to keep the engine responsive.

    Axle configurations

    Front, rear, fixed and steered tag axles – Scania can match the requirements of any application. The Crewcab can be teamed with a wide range of chassis configurations with different heights.

    Chassis height
    Low, normal, high

    Chassis height

    Chassis height
    Low, normal


    Chassis height
    Low, normal

    Chassis height
    Normal, high

    Chassis height


    Chassis height

    8x4 rear-stear

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