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Scania Technical Information

This page contains information on how to apply for Scania Technical Information and Diagnostic Software Tools related to the maintenance and repair of Scania trucks and buses.


Scania Multi (Scania Workshop Manual) : Multi provides technical information related to parts and the servicing and repair of Scania 3-, 4-, and P/G/R/T/S series trucks and 4- and K/N/F series buses , the application can display general information based on the vehicle type or series, or specific information related to a unique chassis number.


SDP3 (PC Diagnostic software application) : SDP3 is used to carry out advanced diagnostics on Scania Vehicles and is used with P/G/R/T/S series trucks and  K/N/F series buses, the application can provide PC based troubleshooting and general information on vehicle fault codes and specific information related to a unique chassis number.SDP3 applications are activated through a Subscription / Lease of a USB Access Key from Scania Australia Pty Ltd.


To subscribe to Scania Multi or SDP 3 , please see the contacts section below.


If you have any further questions regarding Technical information or would like to enquire about purchasing a subscription , please contact Scania Australia for more information by clicking here.