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Scania seeks Defence Force veterans to swell its ranks in Australia

Australia’s Defence Force Veterans are motivated, resilient and proven problem solvers. They have been trained to cope with unpredictable and unexpected situations and have served our country diligently. This is why, at Scania, we encourage applications from highly skilled ex-service men and women to join our company when vacancies arise.


Scania has a history of employing ex-service people at all levels including in very senior executive roles. We benefit from their ability to strategize and execute, within a team-friendly environment.


Scania Australia’s General Manager, Mining, Robert Taylor is an ex-serviceman who spent three years in the Reserves and six years in the regular army, beginning in Artillery and then moving to Enemy Location duties.


“The Army taught me the importance of structure, discipline and how to keep my cool and think my way through problems,” Robert says. “These traits have served me well in busines after my service. Teamwork, mateship and leadership skills are further vital features of military life, former service personnel bring to the commercial and business world,” he says.


“I use the skills I learned in the army every day, the core values are the values I live by, and they are very similar to Scania’s values. The other key element is the focus on continuous learning, which is just as true in business life as it was in the army,” Rob says.


“There’s also a willingness to listen to new ideas which is encouraged by the army and certainly is one of the most encouraged concepts at Scania. In fact Scania has drawn in people from all backgrounds and cultures so we’re already a big melting pot for ideas and this is behind much of our success.


Scania welcomes applications from all Defence Force services. Consult the Careers section for more information.