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Fuel-saving demonstration pulls forward new truck purchases

Two new Scania 500 G Super prime movers on order for Victoria’s Lilydale Instant Lawn will complete the takeover of the fleet by the Swedish brand, in 2024, and help drive down fleet running costs.


Driving the shift to Scania has been exceptional fuel efficiency performance, high levels of driver acceptance and impressive driver scores, marking the driving team as one of the most proficient in the state.


The fleet comprises four G 500s, four G 540s and one G 360 8x4 twin steer, with one remaining non-Scania prime mover pulling a B-double to Bairnsdale and back daily, and one truck on hand as a spare.


Steve Cole, General Manager at Lilydale Instant Lawn says a recent Scania Super demonstrator truck the company trialled on its Bairnsdale B-double route showed a 50-litre saving on a return trip over the older non-Scania truck.


The new Super 500 G was also tested against an existing Scania G 540 the company runs, and the Super engine proved to be more frugal than that as well, despite the 40 hp deficit, underlining the great strides in efficiency Scania has made with the new generation Super 13-litre six-cylinder CBE engine technology.

“That new 500 G truck would provide a fuel saving equal to around $500 per week on that Bairnsdale route,” Steve says. “The truck runs out to Bairnsdale unloaded but comes back with a 34-tonne payload. We weren’t planning on putting a new truck on that B-double route, but having seen the fuel results of the demonstrator, we have changed our minds,” he says.


According to Tevfik Onguc, Scania Key Account Manager for Truck Sales at the company--owned branches in Victoria, the Lilydale Instant Lawn drivers are among the top performing in his portfolio.


“The company has three drivers who are constantly in the 90% bracket for driver efficiency, and therefore safety, as recorded by the vehicle’s on-board monitoring systems, which monitors anticipation, smooth acceleration and braking as well as reduced wasteful idling.


“Scania’s renowned visibility, comfort and quietness has made it a firm favourite among drivers tasked with challenging urban environments where access can be tricky and roads clogged with traffic,” he says.


Lilydale Instant Lawn was one of the first Victorian companies to adopt the NTG Scania range when deliveries began in late 2018, and the trucks have worked hard clocking up significant urban distances in the past few years.


“We were fortunate that landscapers were classified as an essential profession during COVID,” Steve says. “We were working hard through that period as there was a lot of DIY going on at home, but also builders continued to work, so it was a golden opportunity for us. 

“We have received very good service from Scania and have a good relationship with the brand. They understand our business and look after us well,” Steve says. “Our drivers love the Scanias too, particularly for metropolitan deliveries.”


Scania’s Tevfik says that Lilydale Instant Lawn has enjoyed many of the benefits the safe and frugal Scanias have delivered over the past four years, particularly because their driver group is motivated to excel in efficiency.


“The drivers have delivered for the company, extracting impressive fuel efficiency, and the arrival of two new even more fuel-efficient 500 G Super prime movers early in 2024 will provide the business with another opportunity to drive down their operating costs,” Tevfik says.