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Torquing Tough: Energy Logistix debuts a fistful of Scania 770 V8 XTs

Port Adelaide-based Energy Logistix has just taken delivery of Australia’s biggest fleet of Scania 770 V8 XT extra tough prime movers, with five new trucks joining the fleet in August.


The 770 XTs join a previously delivered 770 V8 in the fleet that has been dedicated in the past to bonneted trucks.


The Scanias will be hauling AB triples across the continent, with some based out of WA and the others running to Darwin. These combinations will be up to 42 m, with a GVM of around 113-tonnes, pulled by Scanias plated to 130-tonnes.


All five 770 V8 XTs will be run on Scania’s Repair and Maintenance contract with the added benefit of dynamic service interval monitoring.


Energy Logistix, as the name suggests, is a transport provider for some of the biggest names in the mining, resources and renewables industries.


“We’re a heavy haulier who takes on all manner of tricky tasks,” says Jarrod Holmes, Compliance and HSEQ Manager for Energy Logistix.

“We take our role as supply chain partners very seriously and we guarantee the safe, efficient and timely transport of products entrusted to us to any destination in Australia. We use a Fleet Smart tracking system for every step of the journey,” he says.


“This is an active, real-time system where every detail is captured and every moving thing is connected, providing efficiencies and real cost savings consistently above industry benchmarks. It’s our end-to-end guarantee.

“As a company we are very focussed on innovation which is why we like Scania,” Jarrod says. “We are powered by pioneering smart technology, designed to track our customers’ freight, no matter how remote the destination. We communicate with our fleet via satellites and provide seamless driver management and compliance and up-to-the-minute updates for our customers through our ELX customized communication and tracking systems. We provide a duty-of-care to our drivers and can provide peace-of-mind to project managers that not only are we HSEQ compliant; we are on track to deliver on-time, on-budget and fit-for-purpose ready to deploy,” Jarrod says.


As the company providing the safest trucks in Australia, Scania’s appeal to Energy Logistix was easily founded, with additional benefits coming from reliable and impressive total operating economy from the big V8 engines.


“In a short time, we have found the V8 engines to be fuel efficient, and we have had an excellent response from drivers, even those who are dyed-in-the-wool bonneted truck fanatics.


“We had one driver take the initial 770 V8 on a run to Darwin and he was stunned. He came back and said he loved the way it drove. From our perspective we’re very much aligned with Scania’s safety and sustainability, increased engine efficiency and reduced emissions focus. The new 16-litre V8s display amazing thermal efficiency,” Jarrod says.

“The in-dash display, which offers a comprehensive view of what’s happening in the truck, is very helpful. A great feature is the axle weight display, which ensures the guys remain compliant. The bunks get a good wrap too, and that’s important because many of our drivers live in their truck for a week at a time. We fit them out with amenities such as a TV, microwave, coffee machine and cab coolers, and of course there’s the Scania built-in fridge/freezer. We believe in providing a comfortable experience for the drivers in order to help them manage fatigue,” he says.

“At Energy Logistix we like to lead by example. Safety is embedded in our culture, it’s a core belief to always look out for each other and return home safely, to ensure freight arrives on time, in premium condition and to respect the country we travel through,” Jarrod says.


“As we look into the future, we can see that the industry is changing. With good gear we generally don’t have a problem recruiting drivers, but we are also keen to be at the cutting-edge of technology. We were the first in South Australia with Euro 6 compliant trucks. We’re already looking for hybrid, electric and hydrogen solutions for the future,” he says.


Energy Logistix operates a standard specification across the fleet, with CTI automatic air inflation systems, bull bars, painted tanks and electronic work diaries, as well as onboard seeing machines from Guardian.


In addition to the impressive standard specification, the fleet has been painted dark grey as standard for the past seven years, and the trucks are generally named after figures from Greek or Norse mythology.


“Our trucks aren’t just a number in a fleet, we like to give them a personality,” Jarrod says.


“So the first of the Scanias we bought was called Heimdall and the new five are named Asgard, Orion, Hera, Artemis and Freya. We reckon these are some of the toughest-looking Scanias you’ll see in Australia, especially with the black powder-coated bars, tanks and wheels.


“We find that the drivers who are assigned to a particular truck take a very close interest in keeping them clean and tidy, and have a strong sense of pride in their presentation,” Jarrod says.


“We’re very pleased to be delivering this fleet of Scania V8 770 hp prime movers to Energy Logistix,” says Tim Jensen, Account Manager for Truck Sales at Scania Wingfield in Adelaide.

“These trucks are designed to work hard and tackle the toughest jobs, while returning excellent fuel efficiency and providing drivers with a comfortable and safe and quiet working environment. With our active and passive safety systems, including our standard fit of driver’s steering wheel airbag, dual side curtain rollover protection airbags, along with lane departure, adaptive cruise control and downhill cruise control, long haul drivers have plenty of protection in case things go wrong.


“We look forward to working closely with and proving ELX with more high productivity trucks in the future,” Tim says.