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Scania stalwart Chris Nobbs to lead Scania’s new Eastern Creek branch

Chris Nobbs, currently Workshop Controller at Scania Prestons will head up the new Scania branch at Eastern Creek when it opens early in 2022.

Chris has been with Scania since 1993 when he arrived as a qualified technician. Chris was an integral member of three Scania Top Team winning teams that travelled to Sweden for the World Finals, and says he was very pleased to have been asked to lead the new team at Eastern Creek. “I am very excited to be going to Eastern Creek. It was something I have actively worked towards as it will be a good opportunity for me to build something new from the start, to form the culture and build on my experience with Scania over almost 30 years. We’ll be aiming to nurture the same successful culture that has made Scania Prestons so successful as a branch when we start at Eastern Creek early next year, and will have two strong Prestons shift leaders coming across, one for the day and the other for the night shift,” he says. “Between myself and the two shift team leaders, Shane Crittenden and Doug Hunt, we have 70 years of Scania experience,” Chris says.


“I have seen the benefit of positive, strong leadership at Prestons, under Kasey Chetty and latterly under Sean Corby and Lionel Saunders, creating the right environment where the team all pulls together for the benefit of the customer. With the mix of experienced Scania technicians and some new people we’re looking to attract, we’ll have a good team at Eastern Creek from the start. The new branch will operate full day and night shifts with around seven technicians per shift and we will have a full complement of parts interpreters and customer service representatives. We aim to deliver excellent service to our customers and exceed their expectations,” says Chris.


“I have come up through the Scania ranks, and have benefited from the mentorship and friendship of many colleagues along the way. During my time as Workshop Controller, I have mentored a new generation of technicians and it is very satisfying to see them flourish and prosper in their careers, and move into leadership roles from the workshop floor just as I did. When we work together, we’re always focused on getting the best result for the customer, it’s an inherent part of how we work as a team, and very much ingrained in the Prestons culture. Over the years I have had many good Scania experiences but going to Sweden and winning Top Team was the most amazing thing I have ever done. You really get a sense of how big Scania is globally, meeting teams from all over the world and also the potential we have. I’m looking forward to building the Eastern Creek team and attracting Scania customers from all over the region,” he says.