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Scania introduces flexible working arrangements across the business

Flexible Working Arrangements are now part of life at Scania Australia as we strive to improve our employees’ work-life balance and job satisfaction.

While not everyone can work from home, Scania recognises that greater flexibility in rostering shifts, or working a nine-day fortnight might bring a greater degree of harmony to a young family where both parents are working full time, but have children who need to be collected from school or taken to extra-curricular activities. Or an employee can request adjusted start and finishing times, perhaps to allow time for further study.


Scania is committed to workplace diversity and inclusion which contributes to the many innovative ideas we develop together. Our Flexible Working Arrangements reflect our workforce: one-size does not fit all.


The new Flexible Working Arrangements programme will offer employees a set of options that helps them achieve more in every day. These arrangements will create a great employee experience and an inclusive workplace where everyone can contribute in a healthy, stimulating and productive way.

“When we were honing our Flexible Working Arrangements plan we were careful not to negatively impact our strong collaborative culture, one of our great Scania strengths,” says Michele Gellatly, Scania Australia Director of People and Culture.


“We see the new arrangements offering us additional horsepower to expand our footprint in Australia and support our drive towards a more sustainable transport system. We’re on a strong business growth path, and have added around 20% more employees in the past few years, and we are searching continually for high calibre people to join us,” says Michele.


“We believe collaborative formalised flexible working arrangements are the best way to balance operational needs with our employees personal needs. Increased flexibility will also enhance our attractiveness as a destination employer for ambitious and committed technicians, managers and sales team members,” says Michele.