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Scania data capture helps customers win new business

Partnering with Mondiale VGL (previously Visa Global Logistics) for four years, Scania currently has 78 vehicles working for the company’s modern and safe fleet performing interstate and intra-state deliveries. They have a mix of V8-powered prime movers and six-cylinder trucks, all of which are worked hard and long, moving containers between customers, warehouses, and ports.

“Scania is a preferred supplier not only because our trucks deliver excellent fuel and low emissions, but because the Scania package of services and solutions meets their needs in so many ways,” says Hamed Shoghi, Scania Australia’s National Fleet Services Manager. “Mondiale VGL enjoys all the predictability and peace-of-mind of a comprehensive Scania Repair and Maintenance contract, but also benefits from Scania Driver Training and vehicle and driver monitoring through the Scania Fleet Monitoring System. We play an important role in the smooth running of the Mondiale VGL fleet as well as assisting them to win new business, and we are only successful when our customers are,” Hamed says.


Mondiale VGL National Fleet and Maintenance Manager, Rory Gerhardt, says not only does his company benefit from the data collected and presented by the Scania system, but it allows Mondiale VGL to present this data to its customers, to help with their tendering and later reporting presentations, particularly in relation to environmental issues.

“The Scania fleet management system allows us to manage our fleet in real time, and gives us so much performance visibility, well ahead of anything available from other equipment suppliers. Not only does the Scania Fleet Management Portal tell us where our trucks are, how they are being driven and when they are due for service, but we’re able to measure their environmental performance,” Rory says. “There’s no guesswork, we can show corporate customers how our vehicles and drivers perform. In the contemporary environment, being able to demonstrate not only that you can calculate CO2 emissions but present them with confidence is a big positive.


“We use Scania provided data when we tender for new business, and then on an ongoing basis when we have won it. Our customers receive accurate fuel efficiency and emissions data, which they are increasingly looking for, to strengthen their own green footprint messaging,” he says.

“Our customers’ customers want to know that all along the chain, suppliers are taking an active interest in reducing their emissions or environmental footprint. The Scania Fleet Management portal provides us with visibility of this data. The tracking system also makes it very easy for us to deal with claims of driver incidents, because we can pinpoint where our trucks were at a given time. The drivers know that their performance is being monitored, and they also understand that when driving our trucks, they are a moving billboard for the company,” Rory says.


“The onboard driver score system and the fleet monitoring remind them to be respectful road users at all times. We can also show our customers the benefits of using larger combinations with higher payloads which deliver an environmental benefit, not only in reduced emissions, but reduced truck movements, which helps cut congestion as well as noise,” he says.