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Scania and Tecnogen of the Bruno Generators Group together at Powergen International 2024

Scania – leading Swedish power solutions provider – and Bruno Generators Group, with companies Tecnogen and FTG Equipment Solutions, have built their alliance on the collaboration for the joint development of environmentally high-standard products, where both companies have been at the forefront. This strong collaboration is expanding into the U.S. market. With pride, the Tecnogen Tier 4 Final products, powered by Scania engines, are being showcased at Powergen International in New Orleans, booth #3306.

In recent years, Scania Power Solutions has experienced significant growth in the global energy generation market. The Scania portfolio stands out in the industry, recognized for its efficient performance based on reliability, fuel economy, and an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio.  Through continuous technological innovation, Scania Power Solutions has timely and effectively introduced high-tech solutions to the Power Generation market, being able to address the most demanding emission standards such as Stage V in Europe and Tier 4 Final in the United States.


With over 40 years of experience in the energy generation market and a distribution network in over 70 countries, the Bruno Generators Group, including companies like Tecnogen, a brand distributed in U.S. by FTG Equipment Solutions, is a global leader in the Power Generation sector. Focused on innovative solutions, the group offers one of the most comprehensive ranges globally, featuring reliable, compact, and ultra-silent products.


Powergen International 2024 is a prestigious hub for the global power generation sector. This year's theme, "Destination 2050" engages industry stakeholders in discussions about the future of energy and technologies to achieve decarbonization goals.  This context serves as an ideal showcase for the Bruno Generators Group, represented by the Tecnogen brand, to present Tier 4 Final products equipped with Scania engines, representing the state-of-the-art in technology and innovation.


"I am excited to confirm Bruno's dedication to providing innovative products that meet the highest emission and technological standards, contributing to environmental sustainability. In this journey, we view Scania as a strong and reliable partner, a belief strengthened by our successful collaboration in recent years." declares Antonio Bruno, Manager of Bruno Generators.


Significant attention is given to the Twin Genset Tecnogen, capable of delivering 1000kVA at 1800rpm. Compliant with the latest U.S. emission regulations, this 30-foot container is equipped with 2 Scania Tier 4 Final engines, model DC16 084A. This dual-generator solution allows for perfect load balancing based on operational needs and optimizes uptime during maintenance.   Furthermore, thanks to the compatibility with HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) ensured by Scania engines, Tecnogen Twin Genset can contribute to reducing the sector's carbon footprint. With HVO usage, it is possible to achieve up to a 90% reduction in CO2 (Well-to-Wheel calculation method), a percentage that varies depending on the raw material used, strictly produced without conflicting with the food chain.


Additional space is dedicated to showcasing a second Tecnogen Genset, complying with the Tier 4 Final emissions standards and capable of delivering 300kVA at 1800rpm. Powered by a 9-liter Scania engine.

Tecnogen Genset powered by Scania DC09 300kVA

In conclusion, the renewed partnership between Scania, the Bruno Generators Group, Tecnogen, and FTG Equipment Solutions expands to the U.S. market, culminating in the presentation of Tier4 Final products at the Powergen International 2024 exhibition in New Orleans. The remarkable growth of Scania Power Solutions in the global market, combined with the Bruno Group's decades of experience in the Power Generation sector, highlights the exceptional value of this collaboration. Powergen International 2024 represents the ideal opportunity for the Bruno Group - Tecnogen to showcase cutting-edge products, which not only comply with U.S. emission standards but actively contribute to reducing the sector's carbon footprint. In a context dedicated to the future of energy and decarbonization technologies, this event testifies to the joint commitment of the companies to offer innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions in the evolving landscape of global power generation.


"We are beyond excited to be selected by Bruno Generators Group for their U.S. Tier 4 Final products equipped with Scania engines,” said Jorg Franzke, President for Scania USA. “Our Tier 4 Final engines are some of the most dependable and fuel-efficient engines on the market, with some of the lowest emissions.  They are ideal for gensets that require exceptional performance and reliability. Customers will also feel very supported thanks to Scania Smart Support, an intuitive and predictive system of providing superior support and service for customers in North America. Smart Support is comprised of a highly-trained network of over 350 specialized service workshops and close to 2,000 service points worldwide; a state-of-the-art logistics system, ensuring 96 percent parts availability within 24 hours in North America; and Scania Assistance, providing 24/7/365 access to professional service coordinators to rapidly address questions, and oversee the process of locating parts and expediting repairs."