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Charging solutions that cover all logistics needs

From charging hardware to planning, installation and service. Scania’s charging solutions offer the full spectrum of what’s needed to support all customers in their electrification journey. 

Electrifying heavy transport is not just about buying an electric vehicle and starting to drive.


Equally important for a successful electrification journey for any haulier is to get an optimal charging solution in place. All parts should fit the complexity of the operations, the energy needs, local power availability and all other prerequisites, says Branislav Milosavljevic, Product Information Manager for Charging Solutions within Scania.

Scania a single point of contact for all charging needs

Milosavljevic encourages hauliers and operators who want to explore what a charging solution could look like to initiate a discussion with Scania.


“We act as a single point of contact for everything that’s needed for understanding the customer’s needs, as well as planning and installing an optimal solution. We aim to be by the customer’s side through their whole electrification journey from start to finish,” he says.

Operational analysis is the first step to electrification

The first and most important step when it comes to electrifying a transport fleet is to get an understanding of the transport company’s actual needs – and if it’s even feasible to electrify their operations. 


Here, Scania’s analyses include factors such as type of vehicles, routes, shifts and payload, but also energy demands and capacity on site.


“Thanks to the analytics tools developed at our Research & Development department we can convert a diesel-based business to an electric one and suggest not only the optimal vehicles but also the components in an optimal charging solution,” says Milosavljevic.

Different needs require different solutions

So, how could such a solution look like for, say, a transport company that runs a business with urban and regional haulage? 


“As our customers operate in complex logistical environments, we often suggest a combination of charging strategies,” says Milosavljevic.


Chargers at the haulier’s depot can take care of most of the energy needs, between 55 and 80 percent of the charging needs depending on the application. Here, the vehicles are often charged overnight or at other times when they are not in use so that they are fully charged before they are deployed for the day.


“Depot charging is often complemented by public charging when out on the roads, as well as installed chargers at warehouses or other places where the drivers reach their destination. Scania is also expanding its services in the service network to include charging and we have recently launched a service to simplify public charging, Scania Charging Access,” Milosavljevic explains.

Services that cover the whole electrification journey

As Scania’s goal is to be the single point of contact for all electrification needs, the company also offers services for everything relating to planning, such as installation, commissioning and civil works.


And when the logistics operator’s electric business is up and running Scania offers charging software that optimises efficiency and reduces costs for energy consumption, as well as support, repair and maintenance of all the components in the charging solution.


“Because of our long history as a world-leading provider of transport solutions, Scania can present complete charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles that are tailored to what the customers need – today and tomorrow,” says Milosavljevic.

A quick overview of Scania’s charging solutions

  • Analysis of the hauliers’ and other logistics companies’ operations, including simulations and data from existing fleets’ route patterns.
  • Energy analysis to pinpoint the energy and charging needs on site.
  • Charging hardware, including all-in-one stations, satellite chargers, wall boxes, and portable chargers.
  • Charging software to optimise efficiency, reduce costs and even sell excess power to others.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Support, repair and maintenance.
  • Scania Charging Access – public en-route charging made easy while out on the roads.

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