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Wind turbine triumph - Chi Deh’s unwavering trust in Scania trucks

11 MARCH 2024

In Taiwan's wind energy sector, Chi Deh relies on Scania trucks for intricate wind turbine projects. For decades, Scania trucks have provided robust power and reliability, serving a pivotal role for precision in engineering operations.

Chi Deh Crane Engineering, the largest crane company in Taiwan, and a prominent player in Taiwan's wind energy sector discovered a crucial partner in Scania trucks. Engaging in complex projects encompassing wind turbine repair, maintenance, and the inspection of turbine components, the trucks have proven essential for navigating the complexities of the industry. In collaboration with Giant Heavy Machinery, Chi Deh’s business involves the monumental undertaking of lifting underwater turbine units onto a barge for offshore assembly.


Decades of dependability

Chi Deh has relied on Scania trucks for decades – given the big horsepower coupled with low maintenance costs and the mechanical structure capable of travelling millions of kilometres without breakdowns. “The low failure rate and high performance of the chassis, significantly improve the efficiency of our engineering operations. The trucks' robustness and relatively cheap parts meant that we seldom needed emergency support services,” emphasises Hu HanYan, Chairman of Chi Deh Crane Engineering.  This effective execution is crucial in the wind energy sector where precision and dependability are paramount.  


The drivers appreciate the powerful Scania Euro 6 trucks, particularly their efficient control and sturdy nature. The reduction in operational challenges due to the trucks' consistent performance is a significant benefit for the drivers, contributing to smoother and trouble-free work. 


"The driving experience in the Scania truck is great — comfortable and with good power for the aerial platform application. Also, I like the excellent service provided by Scania workshops; their assistance is not only helpful but truly professional," shares driver, Tsai Jung Shian.


Chi Deh employs the Scania 5-axle chassis for their 90-metre aerial platform and remains committed to Scania, opting for the new 104-metre range aerial platform in 2024. The capabilities of Scania trucks align perfectly with the demanding requirements of wind turbine maintenance. Furthermore, to prioritise the comfort and convenience of their employees, the company offers dedicated transport services using Scania luxury coaches.


Driving green progress

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, Chi Deh expressed its intention to transition to Scania electric trucks, aligning with the high-tech industry's demands for low-emission and carbon-reduction vehicles. This forward-looking approach showcases Chi Deh's dedication to staying at the forefront of both technology and sustainability.


Chi Deh's journey with Scania trucks unveils an instance of synergy, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability. Scania trucks not only successfully met but surpassed the rigorous demands of Chi Deh's operations in the evolving wind energy sector.