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Scania Marcopolo

Viale and Torino


The Scania Marcopolo provides a wide range of energy efficient and reliable powertrains optimised for inner city and suburban traffic.

Volume Output Torque Fuel options
9-litre 250 Hp (184 kW)  1250 Nm  Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
9-litre 310 Hp (228 kW) 1550 Nm Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel

Fuel capacity (usable volumes):

Fuel capacity: 140-360 litres, 180-560 litres (high articulated)

Volume Output Torque Emission Control Fuel options
9-litre 280 Hp (206 kW) 1350 Nm Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) Biogas, Natural gas
9-litre 340 Hp (250 kW) 1600 Nm Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) Biogas, Natural gas

Fuel capacity (usable volumes):

1260-1875 litres


6-speed fully automatic gearbox

12-speed manual gearbox with Scania Opticruise

Axles and lengths

The Scania Marcopolo bus range is available in several variants and options for door configurations, enabling it to meet different demands in terms of passenger capacity and flow.



The heights may vary depending on market, powertrain and configuration.

Floor level

The low entry point and flat floor up to the central doors area offer the same accessibility as for the low floor version in the front and middle sections. In the rear section a higher floor creates better view for passengers. The widened aisle contributes to increased accessibility, comfort and passenger flow.

Design features

Our buses are produced in a long-standing partnership between Scania and Marcopolo. Everything from the chassis construction to the powertrain and the body has been developed and thoroughly tested with a focus on reliability and performance without compromising on energy efficiency.

Chassis frame

The strengthened front axle for low entry K-chassis with individual front suspension, in combination with the ability to now use wider tyres, means that load capacity is increased from 7.1 to 8.2 tonnes. For high floor K-chassis with individual front suspension, the load capacity is increased from 7.5 to 8.0 tonnes. This allows higher passenger capacity and optimised weight distribution between the front and rear axles – especially important for gas vehicles.

Powertrain technology

The highly dependable, durable, and robust powertrains enable fuel savings of up to 9%.

Front suspension technology

Without compromising on passenger capacity, the new independent front suspension on K-chassis low entry, offers excellent passenger comfort and enables a wider aisle (900 mm) – resulting in new layout possibilities, increased passenger flow, space and accessibility. The new rigid front suspension also increases passenger capacity and offers good passenger comfort.

Electric system

The new power supply architecture comes with improved electronic control units (ECUs) and functions that improve performance and facilitate diagnostics for repair and maintenance. It also enables new functionality within ADAS, e‑mobility and autonomous transport systems.

Safety features

Scania buses have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) including vulnerable road user collision warning, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, attention support, and advanced emergency braking. Further, electro-pneumatic parking brake technology avoids unintentional bus motion and thus potential accidents. Through reinforced body and chassis construction, our buses are built to protect passengers, drivers and sensitive components.

Exterior design

Buses are a natural part of the cityscape, and the new Scania Marcopolo has an attractive, strong and distinctive exterior character with an urban spirit; a metropolitan design, lighter and more aerodynamic. Additionally, accessibility and functionality, adheres to the most stringent regulations.

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