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Enjoy 24% off genuine parts, 15% off labour and lubricants and free fleet diagnostics when you visit our workshops in Kenya and Tanzania.

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Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between your business and Scania, with the sole purpose to maximise your fleet’s fuel efficiency. A goal achieved and maintained long-term through ongoing driver training, digital coaching, and vehicle and fleet optimisation. Naturally, complemented by all of our other tools and services that can help your operation reach its sustainability goals and increase your margins.

A fleet running Scania vehicles is already in a very good place in sustainability terms. But no matter if you run the best sustainable transport solution on the market, we have no doubt that working together – we can make you even better.

Tailored for you

Scania offers specific and reliable solutions for a wide range of different applications, individually specified for its intended operation. 

Sustainability can’t be bought. It can be borrowed – from future generations. Or it can be earned – from each and every aspect of your operation. This requires a constantly curious and forward-thinking mindset, a mindset that here at Scania is worked into our business model. And with Ecolution, we pass it on to you. Because sustainability can’t be bought. But with the right partner, and the right tools – it can be earned.


To us, it makes no difference what kind of fleet you operate. Pure Scania or mixed, old or new, big or small – all we care about is how we can improve your fuel efficiency together, to achieve your fullest potential. 



The best possible results come through partnerships rather than off-the-shelf solutions. Because while we are the experts at building vehicles and how best to drive them – you’re the expert on your customers’ requirements and the specific challenges for your operation. Together we can see the whole picture – and together we’ll find the many subtle improvements that adds up to a big difference. Making both our businesses stronger and better at what we do. Every day, every month and every year.


Constantly re-evaluating, optimising and improving every detail is how we meet the demands of our customers. That approach can also help your operation reach higher efficiency. Backed by data from over a quarter million vehicles we can help your entire operation. Ensuring the right vehicle, air deflector angle, tyre pressure and axle gear ratio for the route and cargo. Coaching your drivers to make the most out of your vehicles, and making sure your staff has the right tools and connected services to make sure the fleet operates as smoothly as possible.


With fuel efficiency, big results come from many small and continuous improvements. And while we all need to do whatever we can to lessen our environmental impact, in an industry with small margins, it’s crucial to grab every opportunity to increase that margin. That’s how we achieve true sustainability, not in spite of environmental concerns – but thanks to them. The common mission for both, is simply to use less fuel after all. Your fuel savings potential is right there in your current operation – and we can help you fulfill it.