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Scania Mining - Time for smarter solutions

Our tailored product offering, on-site services and real-time data collection and monitoring work together to improve your total operating economy.

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  • The Buffalo

    Scania Heavy Tipper

    The Buffalo

    The Scania Heavy Tipper engineered to suit the West African mining operations is highly adaptable with great driveability and visibility. It's a well-balanced all round premium cab manufactured to perfection, to suite your business specific needs.


    The Buffalo range of Scania trucks brings a distinctive combination of comfort and elegance inside and out. Offering robust options as well as a spacious cab, making it a truly efficient machine for your mine operations.


    Robust and reliable

    Each Scania is unique. From the moment it leaves our production facilities, its journey begins to serve your unique demands, challenges and operating environments. With excellent equipment-to-payload ratio and greatly improved technical availability, the Scania Heavy Tipper can be specially tailored uniquely for your business operation. It is also designed and tested to enable outstanding durability and reliability that keeps your operation going every day.

    Safety at every turn

    Operating in the harshest environments, your vehicles must deliver uncompromising safety at all times – to protect your people and keep your operations going for longer. At Scania, our vehicles are the result of generations of thorough research, design and testing, making them exceptionally safe. This is due to the wide array of innovative safety and support systems built in to each Scania vehicle.

    Built-in safety

    Safety demands a comprehensive approach across both the design and testing stages. Scania’s ergonomic cabin design, systems and driver aids facilitate quicker and more intuitive decision making. This can make all the difference in the splitsecond decisions you face every day. All Scania cabs are approved by the Swedish cab test – one of the world’s toughest impact test.

    Safe service

    Our mining crews and technicians are trained all over the world with an emphasis on safer ways of working. We’ll help you to push the limits of efficiency without compromising the safety of your crew or operations, so you can achieve maximum uptime with minimal disruption to production.

    Operational safety

    Sub-standard equipment, spillage and bad roads are the biggest factors which contribute to risk. Scania Site Optimisation helps you to identify risk factors and find suitable measures – resulting in higher productivity with reduced risk.

    Scania site optimisation

    An integrated framework of tools, methods, and best-practise, Scania Site Optimisation will help you to optimal profitability in your transport process from production to supply. Together, we’ll help you to identify and overcome efficiency gaps which slow down your cycle times, supply logistics, as well as safety and sustainability initiatives – reducing risk and increasing your revenue.

    Factors that count

    Take your operations to the next level

    Our tailored products, superior on-site services and smart use of real-time data are part of our holistic approach to improve your total operating economy. From load to supply, Scania takes your operations to the next level by helping you to overcome risk factors, reduce logistical waste and deliver productivity which you can rely on, time and again. Allow us to introduce you to Scania and our Buffalo range

    buffalo range

    in-house Financial Services

    By understanding your business needs, risks and vehicle usage, we tailor optimised solutions - both now and in the long run. This is why we offer financing solutions tailored specifically to your needs, with predicatable costs and manageable risks - adding value to your business. Let’s talk about how we can help you do better business.

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