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Scania Irizar

i6, i6S & i8


The high floor Scania Irizar is available with a wide range of energy efficient and reliable powertrains optimised for longer distance traffic.

Volume Output Torque Emission Control Fuel options
9-litre 360 Hp (265 kW) 1700 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
13-litre 370 Hp (272 kW) 1900 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) HVO, Diesel
13-litre 410 Hp (302 kW) 2150 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
13-litre 450 Hp (331 kW) 2350 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
13-litre 500 Hp (368 kW) 2550 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) HVO, Diesel

Fuel capacity (usable volumes):
275 - 460 litres
6-speed fully automatic gearbox

12-speed gearbox with Scania Opticruise


The Scania Irizar i6, i6S and i8 are available in several variants, enabling them to meet different operational requirements.

Floor level

The K-chassis is suitable for a lot of diffrent option of floor level. A common option is when the aisle in the coach is lowered, resulting in higher passenger comfort through fewer steps in the staircase, full standing height, and easier access to seats, without compromising on luggage volume.

Design features

Our coaches are produced in a long-standing partnership between Scania and Irizar. Everything from the chassis construction to the powertrain and the body has been developed and thoroughly tested with a focus on reliability and performance without compromising on energy efficiency.

Chassis frame construction

The strengthened front axle means that load capacity is increased from 7.5 to 8.0 tonnes. It also enables optimised weight distribution between the front and rear axles.

Powertrain technology

The highly dependable, durable and robust powertrains enable fuel savings of up to 6% while the addition of cruise control, with active prediction and the pulse and glide function, contributes further savings.

Electric system

The new power supply architecture comes with improved electronic control units (ECUs) and functions that improve performance and facilitate diagnostics for repair and maintenance. It also enables new functionality within ADAS, e‑mobility and autonomous transport systems.

Battery temperature control

To prevent accidents, Scania coaches have built-in state-of-the-art safety systems and features. These systems help the driver by increasing their awareness of surrounding road users or even helping to control the vehicle when needed. Adaptive cruise control with active prediction, Lane keep assistance, blind spot warning, electropneumatic parking brake, vulnerable road user collision warning, underrun protection.

Driver area

Offers a spacious and ergonomic environment with great visibility, safety, comfort, and driveability. Excellent drivability – great turning radius, advanced driver assistance systems, and improved assisted handling, steering and braking. Excellent ergonomics and reachability – with accessible controls and electronics integrated into a single central console. Increased safety with electro-pneumatic parking brakes.

Front suspension technology

Without compromising on passenger capacity, the new independent front suspension offers excellent passenger comfort and increased load capacity.

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