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sustainable and efficient waste management with cosmo

Waste management is a crucial part of modern society, and it's one that requires serious attention. Waste management companies need to have a reliable fleet of trucks that can handle the volume of waste they collect while also being efficient and sustainable. Scania trucks are designed specifically for waste management and are built with efficiency and sustainability in mind.


“When it comes to waste management, the right equipment is crucial. As a waste management company, we have been using Scania trucks for several years now and we are extremely satisfied with their performance. These trucks are not only efficient but also sustainable, which is a key factor in our line of work.” Shares Mr. Sheikh Fareed, Operations & Recycling Manager of Cosmo Waste Transport.


“One of the things we admired about Scania trucks is their fuel efficiency. We have seen a significant reduction in our fuel costs since we started using these trucks. This is because Scania trucks are designed to be aerodynamic, which reduces wind resistance and therefore fuel consumption. The trucks also have an advanced engine management system and improved opticruise that optimizes fuel consumption.

In addition to being fuel-efficient, Scania trucks are also very reliable. We have had very few breakdowns or mechanical issues with our fleet of Scania trucks, which means less downtime and more productivity. This is essential in our line of work where time is of the essence," Mr. Fareed continues. 


"Finally, Scania trucks are also very sustainable. They are designed with the environment in mind and have low emissions levels. This is important to us as a waste management company because we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and being as environmentally friendly as possible. Overall, we highly recommend Scania trucks for waste management. They are efficient, reliable, and sustainable, which are all important factors in our line of work.”


Cosmo is the Abu Dhabi waste management service provider of integrated waste management and environmental solutions across the United Arab Emirates since 2015.


Scania P 380 B6X4 with 25 cbm compactor and two (2) P 380 B6X4 with double skip loader, delivered by Bin Brook Motors and Equipment LLC