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reliability on scania BY al adraj transport

The transportation industry is a key component of the UAE economy, and its importance is only growing as the country continues to develop rapidly. Bin Horaiz Holding Group is a key and active partner in influencing the UAE economy with various activities including in the transport and contracting sector, and was keen to choose the most suitable elements to start such projects.


Al Adraj Transport & Contracting Company, a subsidiary of Bin Horaiz Holding Group is a leading player in this industry, providing essential services to businesses and individuals in Al Ain. One of the key to their success is the use of Scania trucks, which offer a range of benefits over other trucks in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Al Adraj Transport & Contracting Company has chosen to use Scania trucks, and this decision has helped them improve their operations and better serve their customers.


Talking to Mr. Salem Hraiz Bakhit Suhail Alrashdi, CEO of Bin Horaiz Holding Group on being a loyal customer, “Scania trucks are known for their superior quality and performance in the transportation industry and the Scania G500 A6x4 Prime Movers are really designed and manufactured to meet the toughest demands of the industry. It is equipped with advanced technology that enhances safety and fuel efficiency."


He also added the company's priority on safety on the raods above all else, "Here in Al Adraj Transport & Contracting Company, we value safety as a top priority and understands that investing in high-tech trucks is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of our drivers and cargo. With these advanced features such as lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking systems, makes the Scania trucks some of the safest vehicles on the road."


The company's loyalty to the brand is also influenced by the services provided by Scania's local partner in Abu Dhabi, "In addition, Bin Brook Motors & Equipment LLC’s after-sales service ensures that our trucks are always in top condition, reducing downtime, and improving the reliability of our fleet,” Mr. Salem concluded.