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where uptime is key

Power for construction operations

Dumpers plunging through rough construction sites.  Wheel loaders securing crucial deliveries at remote road projects. Excavators keeping momentum in the harshest weather. Typical Scania territories; and no places for compromise. The construction business is a challenging one and here, uptime is key. Scania offers robust and dependable engine solutions with excellent power-to-weight, instant response, and uncompromising torque – features that

are fundamental parts of our nature. Regardless of application, you can relax knowing we will always manage the hardest jobs to the highest standard. In addition, our outstanding aftermarket availability ensures a strong partnership all the way.

engine technology

Scania's Tier 4 Final engines are known for their class-leading fuel efficiency, excellent power to weight ratio, and strong torque curves. All Scania Tier 4 Final engines are able to meet emission standards without the need of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).


Scania SCR (selective catalytic reduction) is a proven aftertreatment system ensuring exhaust gases are released with minimum nitrogen oxide (NOx) content. A urea-based additive, AdBlue (diesel exhaust fuel), injected into the exhaust, converts the toxic nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen gas. Scania SCR is easy to handle and very reliable without effecting torque and power output. Scania EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) partly reuses exhaust gases, enabling reduced NOx levels and a strong environmental performance for a wide variety of applications.

No dpf = no regen

The Scania aftertreatment system is designed to meet tough emission standards without the use of a particulate filter. The Scania engine is able to operate during varying load factors without having to worry about regeneration or clogging filters. Which means more uptime and productivity for the customer. 


All Scania engines have a unique oil filtration system that provides maximum filtration and minimum wear. A full-flow paper filter removes large particles while a centrifugal cleaner filters out small particles. Scania’s oil filtration system remains unchallenged as the best in its class, providing clear benefits like better operating economy and lower environmental impact.

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