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Electrification at Scania

For Scania, the future is electric. It is a technology shift that is key to reach a sustainable transport system and our science-based targets. We have an electrification roadmap that will guide us on this journey.

Scania offers an extended range of electric vehicles and will continue to introduce new products yearly.

Our electrification roadmap

In the future, every transport can be electric. And for a more sustainable world, many of them will have to be. Today, we can already see a fair amount of hybrid or fully electric buses in our cities, transporting people sustainably. We can also see refuse collectors operating silently in urban or residential areas. But goods transport is catching up. Not only in urban transports, but in regional as well. And with long haul capable trucks just around the corner.

In fact, electrification is happening so fast that we estimate that 10% of our vehicle sales will be electric by 2025 – and a staggering 50% by the end of this decade.

Driving the shift towards Science based targets

Scania has no intention to be followers in this shift towards a sustainable transport system. We will be at the forefront. Not just in vehicle and battery technology, but in terms of partnerships with private and governmental stakeholders in green energy generation as well as infrastructure.

Scania has also committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – a joint initiative between global corporate actors to ensure progress towards the Paris agreement goals of limiting global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial levels. In fact, we’re pushing even further towards a goal of 1.5°C. 

We need to greatly reduce emissions from our products in use – which accounts for 96% of the total emissions. Energy efficiency in our products is one of the key drivers to achieve this. But another equally important driver is to enable our customers. To guide them, and help them take charge of their sustainability. 

Our electric solutions

From distribution trucks up to regional haulage.

Discover Scania´s electric buses.

Suitable for a number of different applications.

The right charging solution is a key component for every electric transport.

Tech articles, case studies, trend analyses and expert advice. Find all this and more at Scania’s e-Mobility Hub.

Want a personal meeting or call?

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