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Power solutions services

No business is like the other. Different operations and environments, all affect the performance as well as the wear and tear of the engine.


With Scania Power Solutions wide services offering we can tailor-make our services to fit your business. From Power Integration services to optimise installation and performance, to Connected services which proactively updates and analyses valuable data to keep your operations running for longer. Together with our worldwide network and technical competence, we can increase your productivity as well as decrease disruptions in your daily operation. 

Connected services

We know unforeseen downtime has enormous consequences for businesses – both in the shape of unexpected costs and lost income.


Scania Connected services are designed to reduce that possibility and keep your operations running for longer, leveraging the power of smart engine technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. 

With Scania’s Connected services your business is better informed and better prepared, all with the purpose of unlocking higher productivity and reducing unnecessary downtime.

Remote diagnostics

Unexpected downtime is especially problematic when the equipment, vehicle, or vessel is highly specialised or part of a chain in the operation.


But with a connected engine from Scania you don’t have to worry as we can provide an instant diagnosis of technical issues via our Scania Remote diagnostics tool. We can then efficiently prepare the right tools and parts – shortening the time for repair and minimising downtime. And combined with our technical competence we maximise your uptime – allowing you to focus on your core business.


Remote diagnostics is free of charge and only requires that a Scania Communicator is installed on the Scania engine.

Extended coverage

When choosing a Scania engine, confidence in performance and reliability is a standard feature.


Every engine is covered by a basic warranty from the day it is registered into operation. It can then be kept in peak condition with our top-quality service network, technical support and original parts. Extended coverage is our way to expand our commitment to exceptional quality and unsurpassed service. It is a full extension of the Scania Basic Warranty terms without any deductibles or hidden inclusions.


Extended coverage can be purchased for up to 5 years or 10,000 running hours. Either together with the engine or within the first 180 days after the Start of Warranty date. The offer is also strengthened by connectivity with instant diagnosis of technical issues via our Scania Remote diagnostics tool, free of charge. Extended coverage ensures both cost control and uptime giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business. 

Extended storage

Extended storage allows a Scania engine not yet in use, whether installed or not, to be stored either at Scania or a customer facility without initiating the Basic Warranty period.


Extended Storage prolongs the standard Basic Warranty window, providing manufacturers with additional time for installation, sales or with an opportunity to ensure end-users obtain the full Basic Warranty period. 

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Fleet management services

Knowledge is key to running a successful business. Connected engines from Scania can provide customers with reliable data about their equipment, vehicles, or vessels. With Scania’s Fleet management services we give you concrete information on exactly where and when your engines are used. We also provice detailed data on fuel consumption and emissions levels to boost operational efficiency, and vital insights that empower maintenance and repairs. 

All the data is packaged in different subscriptions, depending on what your needs are, and is easily available through Scania´s online web portal, Fleet app or by email reports. The portal is highly intuitive and user-friendly, and provides easy access to insights, understanding and analysis. Simply put – we focus on the data, so you can keep your focus on running your business. 

For power systems to function to the best of their ability, they need to be specified according to the intended usage and installed and adjusted optimally.


Scania’s Power integration services – consisting of Installation Support and Power Optimisation – do just that. With the help and support from our expert engineers, both manufacturers and users are allowed peace of mind and an even better product. 

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Installation support

With Installation support, Scania engineers provide advice, guidance, and hands-on help in the early phases.


This means the power system will be specified right and that the installation is handled correctly, resulting in full integration between various software and hardware components.


Engineer involvement throughout the design and implementation phases safeguards a smooth industrial process, that demands are met and ensures the best possible product in terms of reliability, efficiency, and emissions reduction. 

Power optimisation

Besides the visible hardware, the software and calibration today play a hugely important part in power system functionality and behaviour.


Scania power systems are designed with an even balance between a number of factors, providing a well-rounded profile for a specific segment.


With Power Optimisation by Scania, which also considers adapting interfaces and adjacent components, the system and the power it provides is calibrated and fully adapted for its specific purpose. Taking performance to an entirely new level.

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