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SNL slashes fuel consumption by up to 15 percent with Scania Super trucks

13 FEBRUARY 2024

In prioritising customer satisfaction and fostering staff loyalty, SNL builds a cornerstone of reliability and efficiency through its investment in Scania Super trucks. These vehicles not only improve performance and reduce fuel consumption but also enhance overall profitability for the company.

In the complex world of logistics, the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations cannot be overstated. Customer satisfaction hinges very much on the timely and secure delivery of goods. At the same time, the business needs to ensure profitability for sustained success.


SNL Logistics, a freight forwarding company in Singapore made a strategic decision to improve its operations by acquiring 16 new Scania Super trucks - the first customer to purchase the industry-leading trucks in Singapore. The Scania Super is known for its efficient combustion-engine powertrain in the industry.

Fuel efficient transport

About four months after introducing the Super trucks in their operations, SNL recorded a 12%-15% reduction in fuel consumption. “We were just expecting a 5%-8% fuel consumption reduction. We are very happy about the result because it has met up to our expectations and beyond. With rising fuel costs for the last few years, this saving can increase the profitability of the company,” says Lim Jing He, Director of SNL Logistics.


SNL understands the significance of customer satisfaction – it is the heartbeat of their business. The perfect balance of content customers, joyful drivers, and satisfied staff is the ultimate goal. To make this happen, the owner places unwavering trust in vehicles that flawlessly execute logistical operations, creating a seamless and gratifying experience for all.


Ever since SNL introduced the Super trucks into their logistical operations, they have witnessed an overall boost in the reliability of their entire fleet. “Customer satisfaction is always the main priority for us, so lower breakdowns and higher uptime are very important. Our drivers feel more comfortable, and they experience less lead time in terms of gear shift. There are fewer runs to the fuel pump stations and lesser maintenance is needed,” adds Lim.

Dependable performance

SNL has been using Scania for over 20 years, and their drivers reported very positive responses after driving the Scania Super. “Our drivers say that Scania is the better choice of truck, which is why we have been purchasing Scania for many years. They gave feedback that Scania Super is really good – more comfortable, and higher torque in terms of the delivery journey,” reveals Lim.


Embracing the eco-friendly spirit, SNL is making strides in the world of sustainability. With the Super’s lower fuel consumption, they are making a significant step towards a greener tomorrow. Moreover, the vehicle’s integration of biofuel technology aligns perfectly with SNL’s plans to run on biofuel in 2024 and reduce its carbon footprint in the supply chain. They are supported by the insightful weekly Scania Fleet Management Report, where “analyses show the reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emission per week for the entire fleet of trucks,” Lim informs. 


At SNL, they are going the extra mile to secure satisfaction for their valued customers and dedicated staff. Relying on Super to achieve that is not just a choice; it is a statement affirming the quality of the Scania Super.