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SINGAPORE – Scania Singapore handed over 10 Scania Super trucks to SNL Logistics, the first to purchase the industry-leading Scania Super trucks in Singapore. The company will receive another six Scania Super Trucks over the next few months.


“SNL Logistics is the first in Singapore to put their trust in the Scania Super by investing in a fleet of 16 new trucks that are recognised as the most advanced and efficient combustion-engine powertrain in the industry,” said Oscar Wyckman, Country Manager of Scania Singapore. “The Scania Super is a superb choice, delivering greater power and greater fuel savings to support SNL Logistics’ business expansion while lowering carbon emissions for the good of the environment.”


The Scania Super is a major update on the New Truck Generation launched in Singapore in 2018. It features a new powertrain, which together with its improved components, offers up to 8% fuel savings for long-haul operations. Each engine runs on the new Scania Twin Selective Catalytic Reduction System, with dual injection of AdBlue in the exhaust after-treatment and brake thermal efficiency of up to 50%.


When fully delivered, the new fleet for SNL Logistics comprises two G560 A6x4NZ and 14 P460 A4x2NZ trucks, each powered by the 13-litre Scania Super engine that reduces drag and delivers a maximum torque of up to 2,800 Nm from 900 rpm on a six-cylinder inline platform. The trucks will be used to support the company’s expanding general cargo operations.


“SNL Logistics has made this significant investment in the Scania Super trucks because of their excellent fuel-saving capability and efficiency,” said Lim Hong Liang, Managing Director of SNL Logistics. “We believe they are reliable, powerful and robust trucks that will contribute to the profitability and sustainability of our business.”


Established in 1994, SNL Logistics is a fully integrated logistics solution provider to the logistics and transportation sectors in Singapore.


The new fleet comprises two Scania Super G560 A6x4NZ (third and fourth from left) and 14 Scania P460 A4x2nz trucks 

The handover ceremony was officiated by Oscar Wyckman, Country Manager of Scania Singapore (left), and Lim Hong Liang, Managing Director of SNL Logistics

The new Scania Super trucks will be used to support SNL Logistics’ general cargo operations