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Brazilian transport company Reiter Log chooses Scania gas trucks – again!

5 APRIL 2023

At Scania, we often say that we are the leader in transforming the world of transport into a more sustainable one, but we can’t do it alone. With 124 existing gas trucks from Scania, Brazilian transport company Reiter Log ordered an additional 124 of the same kind. That makes them one of many customers that are choosing a sustainable way for their operations.

It all started in 2021, when Reiter Log purchased the first batch of 124 trucks powered by CNG and biomethane. And in 2022, the company took another step in their sustainability journey by increasing the fleet of gas trucks by 100 percent. “We believe we are part of a sustainable ecosystem and thank Scania for providing us with ways to go on this journey together”, says Vanessa Reiter Pilz, Environment, Social and Government (ESG) Director at Reiter Log.

Sustainable partnership

For Scania, to be Reiter's partner reinforces the importance of working together to transform the transport sector: “We are grateful for the trust in Scania and in the focus on sustainability that we have been sharing for some time. We need to find transport companies that believe in sustainability, understand the value, and have the ability to create a sustainable chain to benefit society. This is what happens in our partnership with Reiter", comments Silvio Munhoz, Manager Scania's Commercial Operations in Brazil.


The company, founded in 2008, is located in Nova Santa Rita, in southern Brazil. They operate throughout Brazil and neighbouring countries Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.