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Scania at IAA 2022: Visionary solutions brought to life


When Scania returns to the first IAA fair since 2018, it is with a massive demon­s­­tration of its capability for providing sustainable transport solutions. Fourteen different vehicles are on display in three different areas. And they are fitted into a frame of services that form the industry’s broadest offer for customers set to reduce their CO2 footprint, while also achieving the best total operating economy. Scania is tackling the climate crisis by offering sustainable customer value based on fuel efficiency, electrification and digital services such as the new “My Scania” portal.

  • At this year’s IAA, Scania demonstrates how its many sustainable solutions provide for customers’ needs
  • Visionary battery-electric trucks, smart urban solutions including buses, and industry-leading Scania trucks with the Super-based powertrain are supported by Scania’s digital services
  • Fourteen different Scania vehicles are on display in three different areas, mirroring Scania’s industry-leading range
  • Scania’s recently introduced next-level battery-electric trucks for regional haulage will be on display for the first time
  • Two new powerful – 420 and 460 hp – biogas truck engines from Scania to make their world première at IAA 
  • Studio Scania will broadcast online daily on location from IAA, covering  hot industry topics such as electrification and fossil-free transports.


“At the IAA fair, the Scania team demonstrates that our ambition level is of the high­est grade when it comes to creating sustainable transport solutions for the ecosystem of transports,” says Stefano Fedel, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing at Scania. “Our passion for providing customer value guides us while implementing cutting-edge, fossil-free solutions based on modularity and digi­tali­sation, which are fit for the transformation our industry currently is undergoing.”


All the vehicles Scania has on display at the IAA fair are testament to Scania’s solutions-oriented approach, with regular and digital services combined. All solutions are built around the vehicles and their operations, but it is obvious that connected services are decisive for maximising customer’s pro­fitability here and now:


“Our industry has entered an era where make or break is closely connected to what kind of data-driven services we and our trusted partners are offering,” says Fedel. “By utilising data, everything from finance and insurance to preventive replacements and driver services can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs. We have already come far in tapping into the potential that digitalisation and electri­fication bring to our customers’ bottom lines.”


Scania has for many years conveyed the message that there is no silver-bullet sol­ution available for the transport industry when fighting climate change. According to Scania, fossil-free fuels like biomethane and biodiesel plays and important role for reaching the company’s own science-based, CO2-reduction targets.


The central part of the display stand is used for exposing Scania’s wide offer of digital and connected services and charging solutions. Two new services will make their debut at IAA: My Scania and the Scania Driver app. Both are set to pave the way for in­creased customer efficiency and profitability.


“Based on our modular thinking, we keep adding more variety and opportunities to our portfolio for all kinds of customers,”, says Fedel. “The journey through this decade is fascinating since it holds more alternatives – and more uncertainty – than ever before. Navigating uncharted waters is chall­enging for everyone involved. It is our obligation as a leading manu­facturer to offer all the relevant solutions and to support our customers by guiding them in the best possible way via partnerships.”


At this year’s IAA, Scania also has a studio set-up at their stand. From this studio, Scania hosts and experts plus invited guests will be doing online broadcasts where guests discuss highly relevant topics such as electrification, fossil-free transports and sustainable solutions. The aim is to help make the most relevant content from IAA available for audiences who cannot attend the fair themselves.

Vehicles that Scania has on display at IAA:


Scania has fourteen vehicles on display at IAA in total, both indoor and outdoor. On the electri­fication side, Scania is showing four battery-electric vehicles indoors: one unit of the recently introduced new BEV for regional purposes, one BEV bus and two BEV trucks for urban applications. The extensive vehicle line-up at IAA bears witness of the broad range Scania has to offer, not only on the BEV side: eight ICE trucks, whereof two V8s, three vehicles that have the Super-based powertrain (the industry’s most fuel-efficient powertrain), and one biomethane truck, representing the two new gas engines that Scania is introducing.

At the 800 m2 outdoor arena, Scania is displaying five vehicles. Among them are a BEV city tipper with the well-known Scania XT characteristics, especially robust­ness and durability. It is accompanied by one conventional XT sibling with a Scania V8, plus one heavy-haulage V8 tractor and an Irizar coach. Last but not least, Scania will is bringing three more vehicles, to the IAA test and drive arena: one Scania Super, one hook-lift BEV and a versatile hybrid truck.