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Scania Super wins Green Truck 2022

19 MAY 2022

A Scania has once again – for the sixth year in a row – been named “Green Truck” for its outstanding transport efficiency and fuel performance. This time Scania entered a truck with the new Super-based powertrain. All the manufacturers of heavy trucks in Europe are invited to this prestigious comparison test that is organised annually by two German trade magazines with the aim of identifying the most fuel-efficient long-haul truck. 

“I am extremely pleased that a Scania is ranked as the most transport-efficient truck for the sixth time in a row,” says Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks. “Our Super-based powertrain has brought a completely new performance level to the market, with our customers now benefiting from its 8% fuel savings.”

Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks. 

Scania’s new Super engine, a 13-litre inline six, was introduced in November 2021 and is available in four power outputs for Euro 6. It took part in this year’s Green Truck test, which is held in Germany on public roads. The same 340 km route is used every year, with different conditions on the different legs. This time, 4x2 semitrailer-combinations with 500 hp and a total weight of 40 tonnes was stipulated.

The Green Truck test is organised by the leading trade magazines “Trucker” and “VerkehrsRundschau”. The purpose is to identify the most efficient heavy truck by using a formula that takes both the fuel consumption and the average speed into consideration. The testing is rigorously monitored. Factors that influence the results (such as outdoor temperatures and headwinds) are compensated for by the use of a reference truck with well-documented performance, which takes each test in parallel with the competitors.

“Winning Green Truck is a testament to our achievements and a hallmark for the value that Scania offers,” says Stefan Dorski, Head of Scania Trucks. “These tractors have the same specifications and fuel-saving features that we deliver to our customers, which make them the real winners here.”

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