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Battery electric truck

Want to be contacted for a personal meeting or call with an electrification expert?


You’ve always been able to rely on Scania for a complete solution for your business – and that’s not going to change. Electrification however brings new pieces to the puzzle that may seem complex.


Our promise: You don’t have to figure it out on your own


We will be with you every step of the way, and ensure you get an electrified solution that not only makes sense for the environment, but also for your business. 

Our solution is the solution

From Scania you’ll never get just a physical truck and be left standing with questions or worries. With our electric solutions, from the moment you receive the keys to your trucks – we ensure they can be:


  • Charged, operated, maintained, serviced, repaired, financed & insured – profitably


But you also get:


  • Long term and continuous advice and guidance from our electrification experts


The solution is an all in one package, tailored to your operation – and with premium electric vehicles at its core. 

Scania battery electric truck

BEV specifications

4x2, 6x2, 6x2*4


3950 – 5750 mm


P, L


Permanent magnet electric machine with oil spray cooling.
~295 kW 2,200 Nm (peak)
~230 kW 1,300 Nm (continuous)
60 kW electric Power Take-off

9 Lithium Ion batteries, available for all axle distances over 4350 mm:
300 kWh (Installed)


5 Lithium Ion batteries, available for all axle distances over 3950 mm:
165 kWh (Installed)


CCS type 2 plug-in connection up to 130 kW / 200A DC charging


Max 29 t

Scania solutions explained

Charging & infrastructure

To operate electric vehicles, you need to think about a lot more than just where to plug them in and when. We analyse your operation and help you plan a full solution, with grid connection, charging hardware and even green energy contracts.

Maintenance for maximised uptime

Electric vehicles have the benefit of fewer moving parts – which generally leads to lower maintenance needs. But the needs that are still there are new and different, requiring high voltage certifications and specialised tools. Our workshops are fit to handle it all.  

Consultative sales process with tailored services

Exactly what services and expert guidance and support your business needs may vary from another business. We tailor a package for your operation, based in thorough analysis – to ensure your operation runs smoothly and that you feel supported both in the short and long term.

Range and power

The electric powertrain delivers substantial power and instant torque. Fully electric power take off enables continuous emission free operation of both hydraulics and refrigeration units. With up to 250 km range on a single charge, you can cover both short and medium range routes on pure electric power.

More than transports

The ability to perform 100% clean transports is an increasingly common requirement to secure new contracts, no matter if you do distribution of goods – or run waste collection, hook lifts, tippers, or concrete mixers. As such, it’s not just an investment in your physical fleet, but also in your brand, market competitiveness and your future. 

Truly sustainable

We plan for the long term to make sure our batteries can be repurposed or recycled in the future. With our partners in energy and infrastructure, we can extend those contacts to you to help establish partnerships providing not only your own charging solution perfectly adapted for your operation – but also with contracts for clean renewable electricity. 


Commercial electric operation is highly complex. For this reason every electric vehicle sale is packaged as a tailored turnkey solution, covering services, long-term guidance and advice, as well as charging and energy contract aspects. Naturally adapted fully to your needs and requirements – and varied in scale accordingly.  


Do you want more information about our electric solution offering, or have specific questions? Leave your contact information here, and we will contact you to set up a call or a meeting to discuss your needs and plans for electrifying your operation. 

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