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Battery electric truck

A truly sustainable truck platform

With a mentality of continuous improvement of our products and services – we seldom think in product generations. And thanks to our modular system, this means we can continuously expand our truck offering – approaching new applications and transport needs.

This process has now brought us to the point where we no longer need to differentiate between urban or regional operations on a platform level – and moving forward we can offer one consolidated electric truck platform which can then be specified to whichever needs you have. This means we now offer more chassis variations and wheel configurations, more cab options, as well as multiple e-machine choices – optimised for weight and energy efficiency or for torque and power.

A new driving experience

With an electric machine, the driving experience will be different in all the right ways. A more nuanced drive with faster and more direct response, better acceleration and at the same time a smoother feel. All with zero emissions and lower sound levels, and with the choice of fully electrical, electromechanical or mechanical PTO. 

Battery, charging and chassis

Our in-house assembled battery packs are not only the world’s greenest, but also offer both increased capacity and faster charging, with updated management systems and software for both the e-machine and batteries. The strengthened chassis allows safe and secure battery pack mounting as well as providing a new placement of the charging interface – on the left hand side behind the driver door.

Scania Digital Smart Dash

Our in-cab ecosystem works together with My Scania and Scania Driver app to provide a seamless flow of smart insights – but also enhances vehicle safety using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. With Over the Air software updates, your vehicle’s software stays up to date and allows you to activate new services without visiting a workshop – and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth servicing capabilities allows for easier and faster diagnostics at our workshops.

Technical specifications

Wheel configuration

A/B 4x2, A/B 6x2, B 6x2*4, A/B 6x4


Axle distance

3250 – 6350 mm


Cab options 

L, P, G, R, S


Electric propulsion

EM C1-2 – Two-speed, continuous 210/240 kW (280/320 hp)

EM C1-4 – Four-speed, continuous 270/300/330/360/400 kW (360/410/440/490/540 hp)

EM C3-6 – Six-speed, continuous 400/450 kW (540/610 hp)


Electrical, electromechanical and mechanical interfaces


Battery capacity

416 kWh usable or 624 kWh usable with 75/83% SoC-window - up to 520 km range at 29 t GTW, 440 km range at 40 t GTW, and 320 km range at 64 t GTW



CCS2 375 kW/500 A DC fully charged in less than 85 min at 375 kW 



Max 64 t

Why choose battery electric trucks?

 100% emission-free operations – Including PTO 

 Optimised total operating economy


 New contract opportunities for zero-emission vehicles

A turnkey solution

Every electric vehicle is sold as a turnkey solution, including a wide range of tailored services.

Exactly what services and expert guidance and support your business needs may vary from another business. We tailor a package for your operation, based in thorough analysis – to ensure your operation runs smoothly and that you feel supported both in the short and long term.

Electric vehicles come with new and different types of maintenance needs which require high voltage certifications and specialised tools - but our workshops are fit to handle it all.

To operate electric vehicles, you need to think about a lot more than just where to plug them in and when. We analyse your operation and help you plan a full solution, with grid connection and charging hardware.

Discover our electric solutions

Electric truck range calculator

What is the range of a electric truck? Use the Scania BEV calculator – designed to predict the driving range of electric trucks based on various parameters.

Tailor your next truck

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, you can customize and design your truck to fit your specific requirements.

Thinking about going electric?

Do you want more information about our electric solutions, or have specific questions? Leave your contact information here, and we will contact you to set up a call or a meeting to discuss your needs and plans for electrifying your operation.

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