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Media Release Tuesday 17 May, 2022

Scania New Zealand is excited to announce its journey towards a more sustainable transport system.


Scania New Zealand managing director Rafael Alvarenga says it is about playing their part to achieve the goal of a more sustainable transport ecosystem that is better for business, society and the environment.


“That’s why I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new Business Transformation Team that will help us plan and act sustainably alongside our day-to-day business operations.”  The department is made up of four teams focusing on:


  • Performance - driver services, fleet care and connected service.
  • Driving the Shift – the development of new vehicle platforms and technologies for introduction into the New Zealand market.
  • Digitalisation – information development will continue to play an important role in creating efficiencies, not just in Scania New Zealand’s business but also in client businesses. Scania’s ongoing development of technology platforms and access to available data will be a critical element in helping customers maximise their business.
  • Network Development – with an eye towards Scania’s continued growth and ability to introduce new technologies it is important that the network can meet the challenges required to provide a customer experience that is second to none.


Rob Covich will head-up the new department as Business Transformation Director - moving from his previous role of Performance Director. Covich says he is excited to help drive Scania New Zealand to a new level of sustainability.


“This new department is all about supporting the business’ journey to transform and prepare for the sustainable future of our industry. Globally, Scania is moving into a transformation journey and adapting to the changing business landscape, and I am proud to be leading Scania New Zealand’s efforts towards this goal.”  


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Jo Murphy, Marketing & Communications Manager, Scania New Zealand
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