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Introducing Senior Product Engineer, Alfons Reitsma

Alfons has spent most of his career with Scania in many locations around the world with his service equating to approximately 30 years.

He considers Scania to be part of his DNA.

He considers Scania to be part of his DNA.

Much of Alfons’ time has been spent in the Far East, South East Asia, South Australia and New Zealand, in all kinds of heavy vehicle applications such as mining, logging and busses, and also in a variety of sales and technical successes.

Alfons is passionate about providing service and creating transport solutions, especially in the more remote locations around the world and considers himself an advocate for higher productivity and high efficiency transport solutions.

Some of the Scania successes Alfons has been a part of over the years include the introduction of B-Double Product Tankers into Malaysia, a trans-border fleet sale in South East Asia, and a biodiesel fuelled fleet in South Australia.

Today he is involved in the National Sales Team here at Scania New Zealand where he helps optimise the vehicle definition of Scania vehicles to be fit for New Zealand legislation, is involved in complex tenders and is looking at the energy transition to zero emission vehicles for vehicles in NZ.

Alfons and his family like to live sustainably on their property, a small old sheep farm. He has two young boys who are at school and a daughter who is an international model, recently walking in the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show in Venice.

Alfons likes to spend his spare time boating, fishing and photographing the remote New Zealand coast. He likes to tow his boat anywhere and everywhere with an old Land Rover as four wheel driving is a long standing passion of his, alongside sailing.