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Driver Coaching is a driving masterclass beyond teaching how to drive a truck. It is rather how to really make the absolute most out of your Scania vehicles for your specific operation and routes – no matter if you operate heavy-duty timber trucks or a bus full of passengers on their daily commute.


Our certified driver trainers leverage the latest in coaching and training methodologies, resulting in an average 10% reduction in fuel consumption – based on data from over 50.000 trained drivers. 

Let us focus on the data, so you can focus on the road

Scania Driver Coaching is a service performed by a professional Scania coach. The coach motivates and supports a driver in achieving a behavioural change that is positive for the fuel consumption. A driver's performance is continuously measured by the means of a telematics, system.


The data is analysed in Scania Coaching Tool. The coach creates a report, sends it to the driver and coaches the driver on how to improve performance by applying the knowledge and experience the driver already possesses. This service addresses the driver behaviour and coaches only on parameters that reflects the behaviour. The mission of Scania driver coaching is to optimise the utilisation of Scania vehicles by reducing fuel consumption, improving driver behaviour & increasing fleet utilisation.

This services hinges on three fundamental principles

Customised Attention

Scania understands that every driver has his/her own unique style and this is the reason why we tailor make the inputs for each driver based on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Continuous engagement

The major focus of Driver coaching services is to bring in a long term performance enhancement in the driver. This can be achieved by continually interacting with the driver to effect a behavioural change.

Technology to drive the change

Scania uses the data gathered from every trip the driver drives & analyses the driving behaviour and used it to provide inputs for better results.

Features and benefits

🗸 Per driver, per occasion


🗸 Training tailored to your operation and specific transport type


🗸 Substantial fuel savings


🗸 Reduced emissions


🗸 Increased road safety


🗸 Decreased wear on both tires and powertrain


🗸 Reduced service & maintenance needs