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  • Urban Transport Operations

    For every mile and each journey

    Achieving sustainable mobility

    Metropolitan areas all over the world are affected by the rise in transport need that comes with urbanisation. This presents challenges in terms of congestion as well as emissions and pollution that affect both people and the environment.

    Much can be gained by reducing the number of vehicles and instead commuting together, something that requires an attractive public transport system.


    To further reduce emissions, the system has to consist of energy-efficient vehicles running on electricity or renewable fuels, depending on the operation and local conditions. Scania´s buses and services allow for sustainability to go hand in hand with operating economy - a prerequisite for making sustainable transport happen on a wide scale.

    Product offering

    Our portfolio consists of a wide range of products with multiple options, allowing for customised configurations, and our extensive service package can be of equal importance. This enables us to offer suitable solutions catered to each operator’s individual challenges and needs.



    Operators in urban environments know the importance of keeping costs to a minimum. At Scania, customer profitability constitutes a foundation for the products and services we develop – always with the human perspective in mind.