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Big on payloads, small on emissions

Big on uptime, small on cycle times

Big on tomorrow, small on cost

Mining solutions

Today’s mine owners face change like never before. The challenge is clear: cut emissions and meet new efficiency demands, or face extinction.

With 130 years of lean production heritage and a commitment to tailored mining solutions, we’ll give you everything you need to optimise your production flow and drive efficiencies across your chain.


Together with the world’s most sustainable transport fleet and an industry-leading total operating economy, we can cut your emissions like no one else can. 


The future of safe, productive, and sustainable mining operations begins with Scania.

Lower emissions

Upgrade your mining operations with the industry’s most sustainable transport fleet.

The groundbreaking fuel efficiency of the Scania Super and V8 engine range, together with our wide biofuel offerings, give you real and significant emissions savings today. Scania’s advanced electric pathway will take care of the rest.

Lower cost per tonne

Save up to 65% more fuel.

With the unique ability to carry twice their tare weight in payload, Scania’s high-performance powertrains consume upto 65 percent less fuel per transported tonne compared to traditional ultra-haulers. With a significantly smaller turning radius, they also give you unrivalled agility in the field. 

Lower cycle time

Experience industry-leading cycle times with a Scania mining fleet.

Giving you more horsepower per tonne compared to traditional mining haulers, Scania powertrains make an unstoppable workhorse across any part of your chain – from pit to port, and off roads to public roads.

World-leading safety standards

Scania’s approach to mining safety is based on our world-leading pedigree for driver, vehicle, and service safety standards.

We deliver full compliance with the mining industry’s toughest on-road and off-road safety standards. All lay-outs, systems and driver aids are designed for enhanced driver ergonomics and intuitive handling in the world’s most hazardous conditions.

Your partner for tomorrow

There’s a Scania for every part of the mining transport chain, from exploration to refinery; and every kind of cargo in virtually every kind of terrain.

Through a solution- and service-based partnership that puts your operational efficiency and uptime in focus, we’ll set you on the right track for safer, more efficient, and emissions-free operations.

Think big, act small


When you need to maximise your in-pit productivity, the choice is simple. 


Scania’s reliable and robust in-pit heavy tippers are engineered to keep your payloads moving in even the toughest driving conditions.


Through enhanced robust and a low weight design, our in-pit haulers give you unrivalled high load-bearing capabilities. Together with world-leading fuel economy, you can expect impressive margins in the field and on your bottom line. 




Optimal for both off-road and road-legal driving, the high payload capabilities of Scania powertrains and chassis give you a uniquely versatile direct pit to port haulage solution – resulting in lower outbound emissions, fewer changeovers, and better margins on the road.


Our solutions are fully customizable to your driving conditions, payloads, and operational demands. Choose the right power, torque and axle configuration to get the job done with low cycle time and high uptime. 


With easy serviceability and the option of dedicated on-site servicing, we’ll keep your material moving for longer and further than ever before.




Scania's powertrains are built to thrive in tough underground environments, giving you exceptional performance where it matters most.

Their robustness, agility and driveability stand out in harsh conditions, providing higher torque output with lower rpm and fuel consumption.


Through Scania’s unique modular concept, you can tailor each powertrain to meet your exact operational requirements – from power to payload potential.




Ready to serve any task and terrain. Keeping your equipment moving and roads maintained is essential to maximising output.


With unrivalled versatility, robustness and high load carrying capacity, the Scania chassis gives you the ultimate platform to customize your support vehicles to all terrains and tasks – from fuel trucks to storage-, water- and lube trucks.


Together with a wide range of power take-off options, Scania support vehicles are the dependable choice to keep your operations running on time, all the time. 




Safe transport for the mines. 


We have vehicles designed to move people safely to the mine’s workplaces in all kinds of environments. From smaller crewcabs to larger crew transports and rugged buses for 30–60 people, with space for safety clothing and equipment.


Even with autonomous systems on the rise, most mines don’t function without people, so keeping workers on the job, safe and productive is an art in itself. Skilled, trained people need to be transported quickly, comfortably and safely across distances in harsh territory to where the work is. 


Scania has been building buses for over 110 years, and has a number of models adapted for rugged and safe transport both within and to and from the mines. Because of the Scania modular production system, chassis, axle, engine and powertrain parts on buses are identical to those on trucks. 



Your future is electric

Electric mining

Through electrification of the mining transport chain, Scania is driving the shift to decarbonized mining operations.

In line with our electrification roadmap, our commitment is to electrify most transport operations, including mining, by 2025.


Today, there are a range of Scania battery electric vehicles in live operation across several mining sites worldwide. This includes robust off-road tippers and road-bound heavy haulage trucks that can run up to 19 hours a day.

Your future is autonomous

Autonomous mining

Automation of mining transport will bring dramatic improvements to operational safety, sustainability, and logistical efficiency, as well as reducing energy requirements, mining footprint and infrastructure requirements.

In close collaboration with customers, Scania is developing autonomous solutions to achieve safer and more sustainable mining operations. 

Your future is full service

On-site services

Scania​ provides a range of on-site services that are designed to support and improve your operational performance – whenever and wherever you demand it. This includes remote field workshops, driver services, the provision of temporary accommodation and facilities, consultancy services and our world-leading repair and maintenance contracts.

Spare part guarantee

Your Scania fleet is covered by a spare parts guarantee that ensures up to 95% parts availability within 24 hours to any local Scania Service Point worldwide. In addition, with up to 30% fewer unique parts than the industry average, our common parts strategy makes it easier for your service technicians to get you back in business in no time.

Connected services

Scania’s connected services give you real-time logistical insights across your fleet and mining operations. This includes live vehicle performance data through Scania Fleet Management, as well as combined vehicle and operational data through Scania’s control tower solutions for a seamless insight over your entire operation. 

Financial services and insurance

Scania Financial Services is your trusted partner, providing flexible financing and insurance solutions tailored to give you predictable costs and manageable risks – over the entire lifecycle of your vehicle. 

Through leasing and flexible financing to suit your business plan and budget, we’ll help you to build the perfect package for your mining business and its specific needs in whichever market.

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