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Trucks for agriculture transport

We help you tailor your Scania trucks for agriculture operations to optimise capacity and make your work easier.

Transport solutions for agriculture with Scania trucks

Whether you require the humane and secure transportation of livestock or efficient grain loading in remote locations, we're dedicated to nurturing the success of your agriculture business.


In a seasonal industry with high standards, value is not something you can find on a price tag, but something you create over time. Scania trucks and services offer smart and powerful solutions to increase your revenue. Here is a hint of what they might show you. 

Explore trucks for agriculture and farming

Boost revenue in the agriculture industry

Fuel efficiency

To keep your productivity high and your fuel expenditure low, Scania constantly strives to improve our trucks and services. By constantly refining the three cornerstones of fuel economy – vehicle, driver, services – we’ll help your business thrive.


The word uptime may sound simple – but a wide perspective covering both customised services, the vehicle and the driver are needed to achieve and maintain it. Because even though your entire life likely doesn’t depend on uptime – unlike the drivers in our documentary series “No Room For Downtime” – we’re confident your business does.


At Scania, we’re focused on your business. It’s all about improving productivity, increasing ease of access and reducing the time needed to perform the task at hand. Sharing the same goal – that your business should be as profitable as possible.

Service solutions

Scania helps ensure your performance with a wide range of services tailored to your specific operations. Whatever it is that may improve your profitability, you’ll find a Scania service solution to provide it, from financing and connectivity to driver training and workshop services.

Digital services

Providing data lets us create services which can provide you with direct business value. Find out how you can use our digital services and take it into action in your organisation.

Repair and maintenance

We tailor maintenance plans that fits your business, ensuring maximum uptime, increasing productivity as well as decreasing disruptions in your daily operation.

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Tailor your truck for optimal capacity

Use our our easy-to-use configuration tool to tailor your truck for optimal productivity and efficiency. Build your ideal truck! Make it a Scania. 

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