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Public charging for trucks

Scania Charging Access

Starting the journey to en-route charging


Scania introduces the first solution developed specifically for public en-route truck charging. Sign up to find truck-ready stations near you and follow the build-out of the charging network, a journey that has just begun. One simple and reliable solution without sign up costs, monthly or hidden fees – with one single invoice no matter how many charging cards or vehicles you have.


Sign up today to join us on the journey.

No hidden fees and predictable energy pricing

Pay only when you charge, with fixed energy pricing per station type and country.  


Signing up is completely free, and there is no monthly subscription cost. You only pay when you use the service. Price adjustments due to shifts in energy prices will be announced in advance to ensure transparency and predictability.

Mixed fleet charging

Do you have other brands in your electrified fleet? No problem! You can still use Scania Charging Access for all your electric vehicles.


Our goal is to simplify your electric operation with streamlined access to charging, no matter the brands in your fleet.

Easy for fleet managers and drivers

Scania Driver app on the road, My Scania desktop view for administration – always available for you.


Drivers can find, access, and pay for charging wherever they are with simple tap of a charging card. Authentication using the Driver app will also be added in the near future. Administrators can plan, monitor, and manage access with easy handling of consolidated monthly invoices, as well as staying up to date on the build-out of public charging, all within My Scania.

One monthly invoice

5 trucks driving in one city or 500 vehicles operating throughout Europe? Always one consolidated invoice.


No matter how many vehicles you own or countries you are operating in – you will receive one single invoice for your public charging sessions. One account and one invoice per company entity. 

Covering public truck charging in Europe

One station at a time

As operators all over Europe build new stations, we continuously identify and add new charging stations meeting the specific requirements for trucks to our network. As such, we are steadily growing the Scania Charging Access coverage, with a strong focus in regard to physical space, power capacity and reliability.

Our network of charging stations for commercial transport

Join our journey to enable public charging for heavy-duty vehicles across Europe as we are continuously adding new suitable stations and countries to our network. We are categorizing all stations based on the specific requirements for heavy-duty vehicles, all to ease your operations and deliver a reliable charging experience. 


For up-to date coverage, explore the interactive map below. Can’t find any charging stations near your operations yet? Don’t worry – we are rapidly adding more countries, and continuously adding new stations to our service across Europe.

This feature is not currently supported in this region

Access to charge points in Austria, Germany, Norway, and the UK is currently limited to domestic customers. Charging for all non-domestic customers will be available early 2024.

*The truck charging category includes both stations built for trucks and stations where trucks can charge with one or several limiting factors. More details on the different categories will be available once you have signed up. 

Are you aware of any further charging locations?

Let us know if you, or we, are missing truck-ready charge points in your area. We will reach out to any missing charge point operator to include them in the network and inform them of any areas with great potential for establishing new charging stations. All to ensure you have the fastest and smoothest electrification journey possible.

What type of station are you suggesting?

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Terms and Conditions

We respect your privacy and will never sell your information. We will deal with your information in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

In order to submit the form please agree to the terms and conditions.

Benefits of Scania Charging Access

✓ Trouble-free access to a growing European network of truck-ready charge points being built by multiple players

✓ Ease of use by the driver through the Scania Driver App or Charging Access cards

✓ Search and filter stations on physical requirements and charging speed

✓ Mixed fleet charging

✓ No monthly or sign up fees


✓ Continuous information about the on-going expansion with new locations

✓ Easy administration and overview through My Scania

✓ Predictable fixed energy pricing

✓ Dedicated support in local languages for both administrators and drivers – available 24/7, whenever you need us

✓ One consolidated invoice per month

FAQ – public charging access

If you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ – feel free to reach out to our customer service team, and we would be happy to help out in any way we can.

What is Scania Charging Access?
The service provides convenient access to a reliable and Europe-wide charging network for commercial vehicle charging. It is fully integrated into the My Scania ecosystem and can be operated through the usual Scania platforms (My Scania and Scania Driver App), with your Scania ID. 

Who is eligible to sign up for the service?
Customers are eligible to sign up for this Service if they operate a Scania vehicle. In addition, you can also use the Scania Charging Access service for all your electric vehicles – even those from other brands.  


What benefits does Scania Charging Access offer?
Scania Charging Access offers a number of comprehensive benefits: 

  • Full integration into the Scania digital ecosystem (My Scania and Scania Driver App).
  • Reliable and transparent pricing without hidden costs or complicated tariff models.
  • Single consolidated monthly invoice with all charging costs for the period.
  • Benefit from ensured truck compatibility of the charging points in the network.

How many charging stations can I access in the network?

Currently, there is no dedicated commercial vehicle charging network – and one of the main purposes of Scania Charging Access is to provide that singular service with coverage everywhere. As such, this means we are continuously exploring existing infrastructure to make sure all the charging points displayed in the service are truck capable. As soon as dedicated truck charging points are installed, they are added to the network. You can simply filter charging stations accroding to their accessability in the filter function in My Scania and the Driver App.

And If you know about a charge point that is truck capable but not listed in our service, please reach out and report this to our support team so that we can add it.


Which charging points can I access with the service?
All charge points displayed in My Scania and the Driver app can be accessed with the service.


Depending on your Scania model, the plugs and charging performance may vary.  Therefore we also make sure to display only the charging stations equipped with a suitable plug for your Scania vehicle through convenient filtering.  


Please note: Access to charge points in Austria, Germany, Norway, and the UK is currently limited to domestic customers. Charging for all non-domestic customers will be available early 2024.

Is it possible to reserve or book a charging station in advance? 

Booking a charging station in advance is unfortunately not possible at the moment. However, a booking function is on our roadmap as soon as the market conditions allow for it.


In which countries can I use the service?
The goal of the service is to cover all of Europe, but implementation is ongoing and the network is continuously being expanded with both additional stations and countries. The best and most up-to-date way to see all available stations is to use the map interfaces in My Scania and the Driver App. 


The service itself is currently implemented in: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and the UK. The service also offers limited cross-boarder charging in Norway, Austria, Germany and the UK.


Please note: Access to charge points in Austria, Germany, Norway, and the UK is currently limited to domestic customers. Charging for all non-domestic customers will be available early 2024.

What does the charging power depend on?
There are various factors that can influence the charging power and charging time. These include:

  • Energy capacities of the charging station
  • Power rating of the energy infrastructure
  • State of charge and temperature of the battery
  • Restrictions in the settings of the charger or of the energy management systems

As a note: Generally, slower charging is  preferred, due to its positive effect on battery life.


How long does it take to charge?
Starting the charging process can take up to 15 seconds, depending on the speed of the different systems.


The real-life charging time will depend on various factors such as your vehicle model, the charging infrastructure and the state of the battery. For the most accurate prediction of the charging time, please check the display in your vehicle or on the charging station.

Who is TRATON Charging Solutions?
Scania Charging Access is a service provided by TRATON Charging Solutions AB. In this role, they offer charging services for all TRATON brands. However, the service is fully integrated into your known Scania ecosystem. 


The network explanation on states that there are countries, in which charging is limited to "domestic customers". What is a “domestic customer”?
A domestic customer is a customer that has a legal establishment in a particular country (e.g. the head office or a subsidiary). The contracting party of a business in this particular country is the legal establishment of the customer in this country. For example, a customer originally from Sweden has a legal establishment in Austria. The contracting party for charging sessions in Austria would in this case be the customer’s Austrian legal establishment and the corresponding invoice would also be issued to the customer’s Austrian legal establishment.


How do I start charging at a public charger?
Once you have arrived at a suitable charging point, you can initiate the charging-session in the following ways: 


Scania Charging Access card 

Hold the card up to the connector on the charging station for a few seconds to initiate charging. The charging cable can be connected to the vehicle either before or after initiating the charging process. For additional information, please read the description on the charging stations.

The charging point I am using does not work and does not supply energy. What should I do?
There could be a number of different reasons causing problems with the charging process. We are of course very sorry about any problems you are encountering, and the following points can often help to resolve the problem: 

  • Check again whether this specific charging station is actively displayed in your app. If this is not the case, the charging station is currently unavailable for use.
  • Make sure that the charging card has been activated by checking with your fleet or transport management.
  • Disconnect the cable from the vehicle, lock and unlock the vehicle and then re-connect the cable to the vehicle.
  • Check for any relevant information in the instrument cluster. Also check the charging button next to the socket. The colors next to the socket indicates the charging status. Please check the vehicle manual for details.
  • Check if there are any settings that define a charging time period or charging for a specific departure time. Any such settings should be deactivated in the vehicle settings. 
  • Check if additional settings have been made in the charging station interface that may interfere with the charging process.

The charging session stopped. What should I do?

Check to see if the charger or charging station are displaying any error messages that could indicate the reason for the interruption. 


Sometimes unpredictable disruptions can happen which are often resolved simply by restarting the charging process. Try to stop the charging process and start it again. If your problems remain, please call our support using the phone number shown both on the charging card as well as in My Scania and the Driver App.

How can I stop the charging session?
You can end the charging process in the same way you started it, which means the charging process can be terminated in several ways:

  • Hold your charging card at the station's card reader and follow the instructions dispalyed or shown.
  • Press the blue charging button next to the charging inlet. Ending a charging session is a process that may take a few seconds to complete. The charging cable should not be removed until the charging inlet button no longer lights up. 

For further information, please download the "Scania Driver's Guide" app.


I can't unplug the charging cable, what should I do?
There may be multiple reasons that prevent disconnecting the charging cable from the vehicle socket, so please perform the following checks to get back on the road: 

  • Check whether the charging process has already ended. You can find information on how to do this in the question above 
  • Make sure the vehicle is not locked, locking the vehicle will also lock the plug in place
  • Push the cable slightly deeper into the charging socket to try to release any tension before attempting the disconnect
  • If none of the above suggestions resolve your issue, you can use the emergency release in your vehicle. The vehicle manual will provide you with the exact location and functionality of the emergency release

Up to which state of charge (SoC) should I preferably charge?

The health of your truck's battery is not affected by the target state of charge, so feel free to charge up to any desired level. 


Can I leave my vehicle while it is charging? 
Yes. During the charging process, the charging cable is locked in the socket so that it cannot be unplugged by third parties, and you can keep track of the charging status live via the app.


To allow quick access to the charging infrastructure for other drivers, we encourage you to park your vehicle at the station only during the charging period, keep track of its status, and remaining nearby and ready to move your vehicle when charging is done.


What are the costs for a charging session?
You only pay for when you are using a station. The charging prices are fixed and standardised by country, which means you can plan ahead for a smooth charging experience without suprises. We update the prices on a regular basis to adjust for energy market pricing. This means that even if pricing changes are communicated in advance, the current price can always be seen by simply clicking on a specific charging station in the app or My Scania – as well as in the current price list. Please note that if you stay connected to a station for an extended period of time even after charging has completed which may block access for other vehicles, an additional time based fee may be added.  


Where do I find our invoices? 

You can download your invoices from My Scania. In addition, your monthly invoice is always sent to your company invoice email address at the start of the following month. You can find out which email address is registered for invoicing by checking the contract page at My Scania --> Charging Services -->  Charging Access Management --> Agreement information.


How does the payment procedure work?
No matter where you charge – when charging with the charging card or the app, the charging costs are automatically and directly associated with your company account for centralised payment. After receiving the invoice at the start of the following month, you simply pay the outstanding amount to Scania via a bank transfer. 


Where do I find the charging history?
All completed charging activities are displayed in the My Scania portal. You can find it using the following steps: My Scania --> Charging Services --> Charging Access Management --> Charging Sessions.


Our invoice is wrong. How can it be corrected?
If you have found any errors or issues with your invoice, please use the following service number +46 77 440 00 99 or send an email to


What payment methods are accepted?
You pay your monthly invoices with SEPA Credit (bank transfer). Other payment methods such as credit cards are currently not supported. 


How can I register for the service?
You can access your Charging Dashboard in My Scania by going to the Charging Service tab. This is where you will find detailed information about the current status of your fleet once you have signed up. On this Charging Dashboard page, simply click on Charging Access Management and follow the instructions for the sign up process by filling in all required information in the registration form.


After successful activation of the subscription contract you will receive a welcome email and your personal Welcome Box with all important documents as well as the charging charging cards you have ordered. The cards are inactive at the time of delivery and must be activated via the My Scania portal before first use.  


If you do not recieve a confirmation email from us –  please double check that it has not been tagged by your spam-filter or listed as junk mail since such systems may consider it as unsolicited.

How do I get access to the app?
The app "Scania Driver" can be downloaded via App store or Google Play.

A user with a Fleet Manager role in My Scania needs to assign employees the role "driver" to enable them to log into the app. This can be done in the address book within My Scania. Subsequently, the employee will receive an e-mail with their credentials.

I forgot my access password for my My Scania account, what should I do?

The My Scania log-in page provides functionality for starting a password reset procedure. Please follow the instructions as displayed.


I forgot my access password for my Driver App account, what should I do?
Please contact your fleet manager to reset your password.

What functionalities does the app provide?
The Driver app offers a unique charging experience with numerous advantages: 

  • Finding charging stations through a map based view.
  • Receiving up-to-date information about charging stations, such as location, charging power, availability and price.
  • Filtering charging stations according to parameters such as truck capabilities and charging speed.
  • Starting and stopping charging sessions.


Where do I change contract details?
You can manage your contract details within My Scania --> Charging Services --> Charging Access Management --> Contract Management.


How do I cancel the charging service contract?
Even though we would be sad for you to leave, for maximum flexibility in your contract – you can cancel the service at any time. Termination becomes effective 30 days after submission. 

Go to My Scania portal  --> charging Services --> Charging Access Management -->  Agreement Information. 


Note: If you delete your MyScania account, your existing contract for Scania Charging Access will also be terminated.

I have lost my charging card, what should I do?
If your charging card is lost and can't be found anywhere, there's no need to panic. 


Inform your fleet manager to immediately deactivate your card so that you are protected from unauthorised use. In case of loss, new cards can be ordered via the My Scania portal.


If you need any additional help, please contact customer service.


Who can manage and administrate the service?
In My Scania, you can assign different roles with different permissions within the system here:

Roles and Charging Access permisssions in My Scania:

  • Charging Manager: Unrestricted use of all charging functions
  • Office Staff: Unrestricted use of all charging functions (except sign-up)
  • Viewer: Only reading permission of charging section
  • Driver: Use Scania Driver app (note that drivers without the Driver app can always use charging cards for charging)

I need some help, how do I reach the support team?

In case you have problems with either the Driver app or My Scania, use the following service number +46 77 440 00 99 or send an email to


If the problem directly concerns a charging station operator, contact them directly using the contact details on the charging station. If they are unresponsive or unhelpful, please contact us so that we can address the situation.


How do I report incorrect information or charging station defects?
We are always trying to provide the best possible charging experience, and rely on correct data. In the case where you've found incorrect information, we would be happy to receive a message from you. For any corrections, we will always manually review the information before promptly updating the public information accordingly. Thank you for your help.  


Join our journey to en-route charging

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