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Wholesale giant expands its electric fleet

Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler ASKO aims to have a carbon-neutral transport fleet by 2026. Watch the film to see how Scania’s unique insights into the electric vehicle ecosystem are helping its customer reach that goal.

Norway is an excellent candidate for testing Scania’s decarbonised transport solutions. Not only does its road network offer a thrilling mix of mountains, plateaus and fjords; it also covers long distances over remote terrain, making it ideal for working out all the angles of an electric truck and its supporting infrastructure.    


But the perfect testing environment needs a perfect test subject. And in this case it’s grocery wholesaler ASKO, a longstanding customer of Scania that shares our commitment to achieving carbon-neutral transport.

ASKO turns to Scania

Although ASKO has already worked with electric trucks for several years, its Corporate Logistics Manager Marius Råstad says that the company is still developing its knowledge of electric vehicles and the electrification ecosystem.


“Scania has helped us look at our routes, to have an overview of where we may currently use our electric trucks, and in what areas we will be able to use them in the future,” he says.


Understanding the routes, areas and regions where they can run their electric vehicles is vital information to ASKO. It helps them to decide how many electric trucks they need to purchase for their fleet every year.

Already planning ahead

Since it started using electric trucks, ASKO has seen their capabilities develop significantly.


“Today, these electric trucks run on our distribution routes, primarily in and around cities. But we are happy to see the next generation of vehicles, which will be run on longer distance routes,” says Råstad.


Not only does ASKO intend to increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet, it also wants to increase their operational hours. In fact, the eventual goal is to run them round-the-clock, as long as their schedule and transport volume allow.


By 2026, this forward-looking company aims to have a completely emission-free fleet of trucks. And thanks to Scania’s solutions and insights it’s getting there, with more than 60 electric trucks already on the road.

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