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A key component of every electric solution

The transition to electric vehicles is moving at a rapid pace and brings new complex challenges for transport operators. Finding the right charging solution for your specific need can feel like a demanding undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Scania is here to guide you throughout the whole process – from start to finish.

A key component of every electric solution

Finding the right charging solution – customized to your operation – is essential to:

  • Achieve optimal performance & maximum uptime
  • Ensure costs stay low, to achieve the best Total Operating Economy
  • Enable optimal capacity & flexibility while keeping your batteries in good condition
  • Getting the support you deserve, allows you to focus on the things that matter

Public charging – with Scania Charging Access

Access to charging when and where you need it is integral to an electrified transport operation, and public charging can be that final piece of the puzzle enabling you to electrify your whole fleet. Scania Charging Access will provide you with a reliable network of truck capable charge points along the route – all managed in one place. 

  • Trouble-free access to a growing European network of truck capable charge points being built by multiple operators
  • Simple charging using Charging Access RFID cards – also enabling mixed fleet charging
  • Easy administration and overview through My Scania
  • Predictable fixed energy pricing and monthly invoicing
  • Dedicated support for both administrators and drivers
  • One consolidated invoice per month 
  • Our mission is to provide the broadest network and best coverage of truck charging points. 

Scania Charging Access will be available from November 2023 – but feel free to start the pre-sign up process in My Scania today.

Tailor your charging solution - step by step

Our long history and expertise within transportation give us a unique ability to understand your operations’ needs. In combination with in-house engineered and developed analytics tools – this enables us to tailor the best charging solution for you and your operation. 

The first and most vital part is the analysis. This is performed to get a complete picture of your operation and identify your needs.


During this phase we will provide you with:

  • Vehicle Overview – Take a closer look at the specifications in your current fleet
  • Fleet & Flow Analysis – creating route simulations & range estimations
  • Energy Consumption Analysis – taking geography, topography, climate, payloads & battery life into consideration
  • Energy Needs Analysis – taking infrastructure, vehicle & system energy needs, and losses into consideration
  • Charging Analysis – identifying the charging infrastructure needed & finding strategic locations


Through your vehicle and fleet data, we provide an analysis that defines the charging needs of your vehicles – independently from the brand you are driving – as well as the energy needs forecast for your operation’s electrification roadmap.

Everything we do is based on your real operations data, providing the best possible starting point for tailoring the perfect charging solution. 

Once the analysis has given us the complete picture, we look at your sites geospatial data and fleet needs to provide you with the best products and most suitable charging equipment. Both in terms of what’s needed to electrify your vehicles today, and to prepare your fleet for future scale-up.

Working with only the top brands in charging also means you can feel confident getting charging hardware that matches the premium quality you’ve come to expect from Scania. 

We will help you with:

  • Selecting the best hardware
  • Creating an understanding of up-front & long-term costs
  • Ensuring power availability & compatibility
  • Preparing your charging network for future expansion & scaling

We know that everything has to be taken into consideration and will always come to your site to ensure that your hardware & layout is optimal for your operation.


We will future proof your charging solution so that you are able to implement your long-term electrification plans, taking future vehicles & infrastructure growth into consideration. All to avoid unnecessary costs such as groundwork.

We will help you with:

  • Assessing your infrastructure, grid & sites
  • Layout suggestions
  • Preparing your sites & team
  • Performing groundwork
  • Installation and commissioning of hardware & software

With the installation settled, the next step is ensuring that your charging solution and energy is utilized in the best and most efficient way possible – through monitoring, balancing, scheduled charging and analysis capabilities.


This can be achieved with a Charging Management System (CMS). Different operations require different CMS capabilities, but the most important goal is to achieve a high level of productivity and uptime without paying for overcapacity.

We will help you with:

  • Select the best CMS system for your needs
  • Set up dashboards & charging schedules
  • Set up payment systems
  • Train your team how to use the systems with best practices

Just like your vehicles, the charging solutions will have to guarantee the uptime needs of your operation – and we know that one size does not fit all. We will guide you to get the right level of support and repair & maintenance contract.


With reliable support you will avoid spending too much of your own time searching for solutions to problems that may occur.

We will help you with:

  • Finding the right service level agreement
  • Setting up local support with suitable R&M contracts
  • Remote support to identify problems faster
  • Solving problems quickly & seamlessly
  • Ensuring that backup solutions are ready & available for worst-case scenarios

No solution is complete without the right services to support your operation and give you the slight edge you need. The package of services we offer are tailored to your needs – whether they are present or future, or if you operate trucks or buses.


We will help you with:

  • Make decisions based on real-life data & analysis
  • Reduce operating costs, such as energy costs and wear & tear
  • Take your support structures to the next level
  • Finance your charging solution with future projections & cost control

Tailored electrification solutions - how does it work?

Smart charging is smart business

Charging will bring another dimension to consider when planning your operations. With your Charging Management System you will be able to charge smart.

Your Charging Management System handles all of the points listed, and we will set it up for you and ensure it runs smoothly.

Smart charging is important to: 

  • Monitor, manage & restrict
  • Keep your batteries in the best condition
  • Secure uptime by scheduling charging
  • Reduce your infrastructure investments
  • Secure peak energy capacity to optimise usage
  • Charge when prices are low to reduce costs
  • Share data with other systems
  • Optimise energy consumption

Solutions for our customers

Falkenklev Logistik

Transport & Logistics

Malmö, Sweden

~100 vehicles


For Falkenklev Scania is delivering a complete e-mobility solution including five battery electric trucks and 1.6 MW charging solution as part of their plan for a 22-vehicle public charging station. The charging solution and smart charging technology will supply, monitor and optimize their energy usage, as well as future proofing the charging system for 18 additional vehicles.


Coordinated with this, Falkenklev also undertook the creation of a state-of-the-art 1.5-hectare solar park with 2 MW battery storage to ensure they have the green & renewable energy needed to fulfill their sustainability goals.

  • 1.5-hectare solar park ensuring green & renewable energy source
  • 2 MW energy storage system
  • 5 x 320 kW dual Power Unit cabinets
  • 1.6 MW charging with possibility to charge 22 vehicles simultaneously
  • 250 kW output per vehicle with preparation for 320 kW updates
  • Future-proofing for the next generation of products
  • Sweden’s largest public truck charging station upon completion


City, Intercity, School & Tourism Busses

Kalmar, Sweden

1300 vehicles

15 Workshops


For Bergkvarabuss Scania is delivering a 34-vehicle mixed fleet solution combining electric and biogas buses in combination with a state-of-the-art depot & workshop charging solution for the bus depot in Strängnäs, Sweden.


After the analysis phase and in dialogue with the customer we recommended a distributed solution combining slow charging at night-time and faster charging during lunch hours. The optimal solution for their operation consisted of 40 kW overnight charging capacity and the possibility to top-up charge with 120 kW during daytime. We also supplied charging for their workshop area. 

The most advanced charging management system was added to keep operating costs down, and ensure full capabilities such as charging balancing, peak load shaving, battery life optimization, pre-conditioning, alerts and analytics. The deal covers a 10-year contract for Scania to run the workshop and depot with 24/7 support for repair & maintenance – ensuring maximised uptime.

  • 34 BEV & gas busses - 6 BEV buses in initial order
  • Depot & workshop
  • 2 x 120 kW Power Units
  • 6 x 120 kW Satellites
  • 10 year workshop, maintenance & charging solution contract
  • System responsibility is taken by Scania


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