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Whether your operations are mining, urban delivery, waste management or hub-to-hub long haulage, there is a solution to help you go electric.

Electric heavy transport is rapidly gaining traction globally, with a growing number of companies investing in electrification. At the same time, electric transports often create new considerations for haulier companies, such as charging infrastructure and energy supply – areas that could be complex.

Guiding customers on their e-Mobility journey

To visualise Scania’s full offering when it comes to solutions for different electrified operations, we have created three examples built around real-world business scenarios for the transport of second-party bulk goods, temperature-controlled goods, and hooklift transport.


“This is in line with our ambition to guide our customers on their e-Mobility journey,” says Kristoffer Nyberg, Head of e-Trucks Solutions within Scania.


Each example details a tailor-made solution comprising:

  • Roadmap of the customer’s electrification journey
  • Suggested vehicles, including optimised specifications for the transport task
  • Suggested charging solution
  • Suggested service package
  • Digital solutions for optimised operation.

Inspiring examples of electrified solutions

“We hope these examples will inspire our customers and spark their interest in contacting Scania for a deeper conversation on how we can deliver electrified solutions that truly work for them, their specific operation and their specific business,” says Nyberg.

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Read more about Scania’s analyses and how we help you tailor your charging solution.

Consultative Sales Process

Interested in other scenarios for going electric? Scania has created three customer archetypes built around real-world business scenarios.