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Digital services boost business case for electrification

Go electric – the smart way. Scania’s powerful digital tools and services can support customers in making their electrified operations even more efficient. 

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, connected – and electric. So is Scania. Not only is this good for the planet, it’s also a great combination for sustainable profitability in the transport business.


“We’re in a unique position where all of our vehicles are smart,” says Sara Thyselius Dexner, Product Manager at Scania. “The vehicles have a brain, so they gather data which we can tap into in order to create smart services, such as preventing unnecessary failures, planning maintenance, or more high-tech digital solutions.”

Operational data is a goldmine

The data from close to 620,000 Scania connected vehicles on the roads of the world is a goldmine for any haulier or truck owner that wants to start their electrification journey. The data, collected straight from the vehicle in agreement with customers, gives Scania detailed, real-time insights into vehicle performance, driver behaviour and transport flows which it can then use to keep optimising its solutions.


“Connectivity is the baseline of all of our services and the solutions we have around the truck and the daily operation of our customer. Staying connected and sharing data is the door opener to the digital world of Scania,” says Thyselius Dexner.

Three examples of smart services from Scania:

  • My Electric Vehicle
    Staying connected is a necessity when charging battery-electric vehicles, so as to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime. Scania’s connected service allows drivers and fleet managers to track their vehicles’ charging status, battery level, estimated range and charging history in the Scania Driver app as well as in the “My Electric Vehicles” dashboard in the My Scania portal.

    “Based on data directly from our smart trucks, this is information that our customers will need in their daily operations,”
    says Thyselius Dexner.

  • Range Support
    A cornerstone for going electric is knowing how to make the most out of the range of the electric truck. Range Support is a service within the My Scania fleet management system that visualises the range of each vehicle in the company’s fleet. The tool takes a lot of factors into consideration, such as topography, temperature, number of stops and potential body work, such as refrigeration. “It’s got a lot of factors tapped into one comprehensive and clear interface to guide the company in making the most of the vehicle’s range,” explains Thyselius Dexner.


  • Driver Evaluation
    Basic information regarding range and vehicle status is a good start. But there’s another factor that is crucial for efficient transport operations: the driver. That’s why Scania has for many years had a driver evaluation tool. The service, which is available in the Scania Driver app for the driver and the My Scania portal for the fleet managers, monitors how the driver is performing, if they need to change their driving behaviour and how they are using the truck. “It’s a necessity when going electric,” says Thyselius Dexner. “Our customers save money, secure uptime and make sure their drivers are making the best they can do in the situation. Smart!”

“We don’t want to change your business – we want to electrify it”

In an increasingly digitalised world, Scania is constantly working to enhance the company’s products and services. The goal is to utilise the unique, high-quality data from the trucks and develop services that truly maximise the benefits of connectivity at the same time as they support customers in the best possible way.


“These services are there to support our customers every step of the way through their electrification journey. We don’t want to change the company’s business. We want to electrify it. So, get started. The first step isn’t as big as you think. You’re in good hands,” she says.

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