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SINGAPORE – Wendy Transport Enterprise Company, over the weekend, signed the Scania Ecolution agreement with Scania Singapore for the second year.


The company was the first Scania Ecolution customer in Singapore in November 2019. The agreement, signed on 12 December 2020, sealed its commitment to work together with Scania Singapore for a second year to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


“With Scania Ecolution, we have been working very closely with Wendy’s team, making small improvements to its fleet that add up to a big difference in fuel efficiency,” said Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore. “A reduction in fuel consumption makes a positive impact on the environment; it also enhances the company’s profitability and reputation as a responsible business.”


Scania Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between Scania and customers to work together progressively towards optimising fuel efficiency, which translates into lower operating costs and improved margins. At the same time, it reduces CO2 emissions and contributes towards meeting the sustainability goals of the company as well as its customers.

In the partnership, both parties agree on a set of fuel and CO2 reduction targets. To achieve this, the customer will utilise Scania’s total solutions, which are designed to optimise each vehicle to its full potential. The progress to reach the targets will be regularly monitored, evaluated and discussed with an assigned Scania Ecolution Manager to ensure the desired results.


“We are concerned about doing our part to address climate change, having been inspired by the green agenda of many of our multinational customers,” said Mr Pang York Peng, General Manager of Wendy Transport Enterprise Company. “While the Scania trucks are already fuel-efficient, especially those from the new generation, we want to push fuel economy even further with Scania Ecolution.”


Wendy Transport Enterprise Company committed 23 Scania trucks, including two from the new generation, to the Scania Ecolution programme. For further improvement, Wendy Transport Enterprise Company will be embarking on Scania Driver Training and Coaching for 23 drivers to improve their skills in this second year of partnership. The training programme will instil good driving habits, such as avoiding speeding, harsh braking and idling while increasing coasting. It will also improve the drivers’ understanding of the vehicle to be able to reduce fuel consumption.


“We set a target of a 5% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions last year,” said Mr Pang. “After one year, we have seen improvements; but we are not quite there yet as our operations faced slight disruptions over the Covid-19 pandemic. We are proceeding with a second year to unlock the full potential of the Scania Ecolution partnership.”


Established in 1979, Wendy Transport Enterprise Co. operates a fleet of more than 40 heavy prime movers in Singapore. The company provides transportation and logistics services, with a niche in transporting cryogenic tanks for gas manufacturers and petrochemical companies. 

Representatives of Scania Singapore and Wendy Transport Enterprise Company after the signing of the Scania Ecolution agreement.

Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore (left), and Pang York Peng, General Manager of Wendy Transport Enterprise Company, unveil the Scania Ecolution sticker.

Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore (left), and Pang York Peng, General Manager of Wendy Transport Enterprise Company, ink the Scania Ecolution agreement.

A total of 23 trucks from Wendy Transport Enterprise Company will undergo the Scania Ecolution programme for the second year.