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SINGAPORE SEPTEMBER 10th, 2014 – Scania, a leading Swedish supplier of heavy truck, bus, marine, industrial and power generation engines, today announced the winner of the Scania Top Team Competition – ITE College West Edition.


The winning team successfully worked on and solved problems on four components presented as a set of challenges to them – Transmission, Engine, Electrical and Theory. The competition was held this morning at ITE College West.


Mark Cameron, Country Manager, Scania Singapore, said, “We are highly impressed by the students’ competency to master and develop their skills combining studies, training and teamwork with the competition. The results show that these students are proficient in the following areas - increasing technical competency, ability to look at the big picture when analyzing problems, learning to delegate responsibility, enhance and cultivate teamwork and foresight in solving problems and overcoming challenges systematically and efficiently.”


Added Mark, “Through the Scania Top Team Competition, we aim to develop students’ skills by way of combining studies, training and teamwork with challenges presented by the competition. We hope that the results will bring immense benefits to ITE College West, the automotive industry and subsequently, to Scania customers by providing more effective services. In return, this may help meet the worldwide demand for qualified service workshop staff, especially in Singapore when these students choose to consider a career with Scania upon graduation.”


Scania’s customer’s objective is to achieve the best profitability, which is why the competition is based on Scania’s total solutions approach to offering fuel economy, uptime and premium services. The competition rests firmly on the combination of studies with pleasure while having elements of the contest rooted in reality.


The top team, Team Torque comprising Tan Ming Guang, Muhammad Hafiz B Ibrahim, Willy Tho Hong Woon, Koh Wee Keat Thomas Jhordie and Muhammed Iswandi B Mohamed A from Automotive Department, Light Vehicle, 2012 January batch walked away with a team trophy, official certificates of participation and the grand title of being the first champions of this annual event. The team had managed to solve the series of challenges and problems issued to them in the fields of four chosen components - Transmission, Engine, Electrical and Theory.


Prior to the finals today, participating teams from the second year of Automotive Engineering, School of Engineering had to go through a written test in order to qualify as finalists. As a result, a total number of four teams were chosen to compete in the finals today. Four stations representing all of the four above mentioned components were set up and all teams were not told of the components which they were to be tested on. At every station, each team was given 20 minutes for problem solving and to explain to a panel of judges from Scania and 20 minutes for team members to re-group and discuss among themselves while the judges deliberate. An actual Scania truck was brought in for the students to work on in the station representing transmission.

All competitors with student mentors.

Winning Team Torque.

Teams in action.

Solving a question on actual Scania truck.

Mr Seng Chin Chye, Director of School of Engineerin presenting Token of Appreciation to Mark.